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Meet Our Staff Team

Staff · PM

Primary Account: Spirit of Wildwood

This is the general use staff account. If you have a question for the whole staff team, it is recommended that you contact this account for assistance.

Shadow · PM

Primary Account: Serach

Hi everyone, I'm Shadow and I'm one of the owners of RoW. In addition to playing Serach & Sparrow, I handle all of the backend maintenance of our forum. I live on the East Coast, but because I'm also a full time graduate student and work full time, my posting schedule can be kind of erratic. I check in daily, so please feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions about the game. :)

Rachel · PM

Primary Account: Kisla

Well, howdy! I'm Rachel and I'm one of the owners of this game. I play Kisla, Nios, & Lekalta. I deal primarily with the front end maintenance of the site and some aspects of its design (skins, etc). I live in Canada (Atlantic Time Zone) and my online time is pretty sporadic - though I visit often throughout the day. Please don't hesitate to send me a PM about any questions you might have or even if you want to chat!

Sarah · PM

Primary Account: Sahalie

Hi! I've been a long time member of RoW since 2011, and I'm the newest addition to the administration team after being a moderator for a few years. You can also find me on Joan, though not as often. I'm in the Eastern time zone, and usually online throughout the day and sometimes very late at night. I'm always free to answer any questions and help out with any profile code boo-boos to the best of my ability! I will primarily focus on coming up with contest ideas for the site, so feel free to PM if you have any ideas or any things you would like to see! (Get hype).


Ace · PM

Primary Account: Kjors

Hey, I'm Ace! While I'm usually behind Kjors, I can also be found with Veho, Marianna, or a handful of others! You'll probably find me lurking most hours. Grad student by day, and mod by night, my PM box is always open if you have a question, want to plot, or just want to chat! I love to write, but I probably love to talk more, so never be afraid to pop in and drop be a line.

PuppyThief · PM

Primary Account: Aideen

PuppyThief here, or just Puppy to most! Resident (co)Librarian and Great Dane. I'm the puppet-master behind Aideen, Drestig, Orren and the newest addition baby Nalda, and you can find me online most days between 12 noon and midnight, Central European Time (GMT +1)
I've been part of RoW for almost 2 years now, and have loved every part of it! If you have any questions, worries or just general wonderment's, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM - or find me in the c-box at the above hours. I'm always ready and happy to help, new comers or veterans, anything you need.