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The staff wants your help in keeping RoW nice and clean! Members now have the ability to archive their own threads, without the assistance of a staff member. IC threads without a response after one month are automatically archived. However, this thread is for any additional maintenance requests you may have, such as reporting a bug, adjusting a post count or title, collecting a reward, or putting a character up for adoption. Please respond to this thread with any requests - once the request has been met, your post will be deleted to ensure tidiness.

Click here to claim Life Points

Click here to report bugs

If you are asking for a thread revival state where did the thread take place originally.

Looking to be put back in a pack? Either make sure you @tag your leaders when you post here (editing tags in afterwards will not alert them) or PM them to be placed back in the roster

I'm not sure if this has been pointed out yet but this picture in the fighting system article has changed to this? It's under the growing modifiers section.  
[Image: QQlUeyV.png]

feel free to ignore/delete this if it's already been pointed out