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Thread sweeping
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Tipsy ponderings so excuse me if this is a ramble.

Is there a way we would be able to dead our own threads without requesting it through maintenance? I understand staff are trying to keep the site clean but currently with no designated 'day' for old threads to be swept it's super confusing and seems like maintenance gets clogged with requests to revive threads as soon as a sweep is done? Like last night, I went through my threadlog, went "Ok, this one should be dead and I'll get on to the rest of these replies in the morning", (was originally intended to mention some stuff about Piety to Sven, could have been pretty earth shattering for the lad but being 3 months old would have caused too many problems to backdate and they have a current thread) so I requested for that one thread to be moved to dead and I wake up with half my threadlog archived (I swear I must have only missed it by like an hour). 

I understand I was lagging on those replies, most only needed one or two more posts to be completed, but I've been moving house, dealing with an unwell husband and sick kids. I've communicated this to the people I'm threading with and if they requested a thread be made a priority I've replied to that first, scraping through the ACs so I don't have to clog the absence roster because I'm still here, just real life is interfering. It happens to everyone and I think we're all a pretty understanding bunch?

I'm not trying to grumble at all! I'm just wondering if it's a job staff really need to dedicate time to or if we manage pretty ok on our own? I'm not sure its possible with the back end coding magic, I swear we could do it once upon a time (or maybe that was just a pack leader thing? It was that long ago I can't even remember). 

In summary, love your work - just not sure if the sweep is adding to the staff work load? You guys do more than enough already and it just seems to be double handling?
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Threads get swept right after the AC at the beginning of a new month. Ace only really does it every two months

Honestly I think sometimes having athread go dead is what motivates people to start replying to it again.
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Then is it possible to have it listed on the calendar when it's going to happen? Had I known I would have stayed up to get the replies done to save staff the hassle of reviving threads that had just been moved.
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I mean ace doesn't always do it on the same day but it's up to her. I just think we've be fairly transparent about when the sweeps happen, and you should associate the beginning of months with thread sweeps.
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availability on weekends is limited
Becuffin, how about if we left it on the calendar as a more open date.. like.. 'Thread sweep to happen this month' -- because I don't believe Ace does have a set day, she tends to do it more when she has a chance and it's been around the two month mark, etc.

But at least this way it can give everyone a small reminder that threads that are around a month+ and unreplied to will likely get swept, and they can focus on those ones if they don't want to have to revive them.

sparking up my heart

That would be great :) it was more a suggestion to try and save staff going through and manually sweeping the threads then having to revive so many within a few days. If people knew it was coming they might be more likely to get their replies in before then (because its an easy thing to forget most days I forget what day of the week it is and i have to look at a calendar to remember the month) XD
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An additional suggestion that might help would be to establish a {DND} indicator that members can add into their thread titles. DND standing for "do not dead". That way, as Ace is cleaning up the forums, she knows that thread is still planning on being replied to? That puts the onus on members to mark their threads accordingly, as allowing members to revive their own threads isn't on the table as an option right now.
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