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General Weather Announcements
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So just an idea, not sure if this is even doable or something staff is willing to keep an eye out for but I was thinking in the weather section there could be general comments  about the weather. For example something like "The first snow fall was _____ (whenever someone noticed the weather announcer was saying snowing)" or "The snow is now staying on the ground. Date:" things like that or possibly "it's been an unusually cold/warm season" those types of things.

I was thinking it would be good for posts, people seem to get confused about the weather in general if they're not involved in a thread that day. Like if you didn't have a post in the first few days it was snowing you might not know snow is now on the ground, that kind of thing.

Does any of that make any sense?
I'm trying to think about how to display the information in a way that would be neat, since like general comments might be hard to keep brief (which it would need to be if it was displayed in the box at the top of the page). Plus, it's hard to update things regularly.

I think maybe a fair compromise would be for someone to edit in the previous day's weather to the calendar. That way people could go back and look at how many days it was snowing or what the previous temperatures have been. Basically anyone would be able to do this since we can all make events on the calendars, and it would make the information organized since it would be by date and pretty straight forward to find. Like if someone wanted to back date a thread they could go look at the weather a week ago and say "oh, it was snowing." Or they can check the last few days and say "wow its cold!"
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availability on weekends is limited
Maybe like an icon of the season with some hover text? So you'd only have to change it 4 times a year. I think a lot of people just forget/dont know what northern canadian seasons should be like and just default to whatever their local idea of a season is. 

So like tiny fall icon whatever, hover text "It's fall now! Leaves are turning and soon the trees will be bare. The days are cold and the nights dip to freezing, snow will start to heavily accumulte, herds begin to move into lowlying areas" Or whatever its 5am hope that makes sense