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Role points and leaders
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Just wondering with the latest change to roles if it would be possible to consider rewording the skills points around roles from 'gaining a role' to 'mastering a role' to allow leaders to claim these points too?

With the way leadership works with activity bumps its entirely possible to be a few posts away from gaining a role and you suddenly find yourself in the leader spot, that's (potentially up to) 90 skills points you miss out on because you're suddenly a leader. I think it would also encourage people to keep expanding their repetoir once one skill is mastered (guardians focusing more on hunt threads etc).

But I'm interested to see what others think!
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I could get behind earning points just for reaching the Master rank, or more specifically the Master + two more threads needed. For those characters who want to be leaders, it's not as important, but like you said there are some who only find themselves there temporarily. Doesn't stop them being able to achieve 'gaining a role' if they ever lose leadership and re-pursue their role though does it?
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I think "gain a role" shouldn't even be in the Skill category.. I think it should be in the Pack category since it's really more of a pack accomplishment, with a much lower bonus. Like 35 lp (only slightly higher than the 'thread with a pack wolf' award that they would be claiming for anyway). It would be contingent upon completing a thread where the role assignment is discussed and/or verbally awarded. I also think leaders who have been bumped to this role should be eligible for the 35 lp, as long as there is a thread where they are being promoted/accepting the position/announcing their position/etc.  

Then "master a role" can take over the slot in the Skill category that was previously occupied by "gain a role," worth the 70 skill points. Then everyone wins?
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I think that makes a lot of sense, and then its only slightly more than the points you would claim for completing a thread with pack mates to have the discussion.
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I'm giving this a bump because I'd love to hear what staff think.

Sure leaders get 100 points for becoming leader, but that in itself comes with a series of extra responsibilities like attending to join threads and keeping your pack in line. If you've done the threads to master a role I think it should be rewarded across the board.

I really like Alace's suggestion about gaining a role being moved to pack and mastering a role coming under skills to better reflect the difference between the two under our fancy new skills tracking.
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