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Pack Capacity
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I'd just like to thank Rachel and Shadow for their comprehensive replies :) Once I learned of the difficulty of implementing this suggestion I was hesitant to continue with it/considered deleting it, and I'm grateful that it's being thought and discussed about despite it. Just want to make it clear that I'm not trying to rock the boat and be difficult, only making clear my views in case it's relevant now or in the future. And as always, Shadow, my offer of help is open-ended if you ever want it <3

Shadow, your comments regarding players and their alts is extremely valid. If every wolf was somebody's 'main' then packs in general would be a lot more active, and space in packs would be more important, since like it's been pointed out a few times, this hasn't been an issue so far because the coming and going of these auxiliary characters (and players) tends to allow space to appear as needed, usually leaving behind the faithful few.
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