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Thread in a new area
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I was wondering if we might be able to add something new to the development section? I was thinking that we could add a 'thread in a new area' option worth maybe +20 to encourage wolves to expand their places of travel which will then encourage ic character growth by meeting new wolves. This would only be available for sub territories, since the larger territories would be too easy. And, it would also encourage wolves to find more sub territories! 
We currently have this in the LP guide

Quote:+10 Thread in Every 10 Territories/Subterritories.
For every 10 territories or subterritories that your character completes a thread in, they are eligible to claim 10 LP. This is a cumulative total. Pack territories do not count towards this total.

Which I think is basically what you're suggesting? 10 LP for every 10 new territories where you've completed a thread. :)
Maybe a contest??
(Jan 04, 2017, 04:41 PM)Spieden Wrote:  Maybe a contest??

I'm picking up what you're putting down
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