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Pack font code
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Was just wondering if anyone would be interested in using this code in their profiles? It makes the font match the official 'pack font' that appears eg WHITESTONE MONADNOCK 

If other people are interested in using it, maybe it could be added to the Extra coding for profiles page?? :)

<div style="font-family: cambria; font-size: 14px"><b>PACK NAME</b></div>
if you use [*whitestone monadnock] it should do the same


(other helpful ones here)
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I meant if you were listing a characters previous pack, one outside of RoW, that hasn't got a pre-coded name then this could can be used to make the fonts match up and you can than add your own colour gradient etc - like how 'Artemus Valley' appears on my profile :)
If anyone needs a color gradient, I tend to use this one because I can add different colors and stuff ^^ Figured I'd put this here since it's on-topic.
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