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Poll: What map would you prefer in the IC forums
The simple grid
No grid. Leave it the way it is.

Main Map
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This is just a simple poll to gauge feelings. We recently updated the travel guide with maps to help people visualize and plan stuff better, one of which included a simple grid map. Would you prefer the map link on the IC forums direct people to the image of the grid based map? Or would you prefer to see the lineless map.

Keep in mind that if we put the grid map up instead, the lineless version would be moved to the library in its place.
My vote is for keeping the gridless map for mostly aesthetic reasons. Though maybe we could add a link to the travel guide somewhere next to it, somehow..?
[Image: kyrios_sig_by_becuffin-dboyor4.gif]
^ second puppy's comment about the lineless one being prettier. But yeah, would be good to have the grid one in the library :)
xD @Namid you voted twice nice job girl :P
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availability on weekends is limited
I also agree about the gridless one looking nicer so remaining at the link at the top, but keeping the grided one in the library
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Alright, since I think everyone's sorta ... 50-50 but the people who prefer the lineless version feel more strongly we'll just keep the lineless version on the IC forums.
[Image: qv_our_roots_by_marinatedmermaid-db5orl8.gif]
availability on weekends is limited