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Eirian VS. Ice
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Thread is located here and Fenrir gave consent in thread but will tag @Ice just to be safe. Eirian will be making the first attack.

Eirian's Stats
Hp: 26

Def: 13
Atk: 8
Dmg: 8
In: 2

Ice's stats
Hp: 47
Def: 20
Atk: 10
Dmg: 17
In: 2
[attacker="Eirian" HP="26" DEF="13" ATK="8" DMG="8" IN="2"][defender="Ice" HP="47" DEF="20" ATK="10" DMG="17" IN="2"]

Roll Results:
Eirian rolls a d15 and gets a 5.
Eirian's' ATK: 8
8 + 5 = 13

Ice's DEF: 20
13 < 20

The attack was a MISS!

Ice's HP: 47
Eirian's HP: 26
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Permission from Fenrir to ask for a roll for Ice.
[attacker="Ice" HP="47" DEF="20" ATK="10" DMG="17" IN="2"][defender="Eirian" HP="26" DEF="13" ATK="8" DMG="8" IN="2"]

Roll Results:
Ice rolls a d15 and gets a 4.
Ice's' ATK: 10
10 + 4 = 14

Eirian's DEF: 13
14 > 13

The attack was a HIT!

Ice rolls a d6 and gets a 2.
Ice's DMG: 17
17 + 2 = 19

Eirian's HP: 26
26 - 19 = 7

Eirian's HP: 7
Ice's HP: 47
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Just figured I'd say, since Ice is a one-hit wonder, we've decided to drag it out over more rounds in the actual thread. More development happening that way.

Since Eirian runs the very real risk of being killed if they roll again, does this mean Ice has won, without another attack roll from Eirian?
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Correct. Ice wins if @Eirian does not wish to continue.
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availability on weekends is limited
Eirian wouldn't continue. He doesn't have a death wish yet.