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springtime sonata. — Wild Cherry Orchard 
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Marianna Leigh
RE: Marianna, a ladybug lands on your nose and won't leave! Open for one or two others!

“Way down south of the mountain.”

That’s what Kino had said. Or, Alastor. Whatever fancy-pants name the wolf had chosen for himself. At least, when Ari decided she needed something different, it had simply been a reduction of the name their mother had given her. Easier to yell (which the wolves of Blackwatch Canyon often did) and easier to remember. But Alastor? Part of her wondered if it had been that girl he’d mentioned. Sa-hal-whatever. Sahowlie? Oh, she liked that one.

Ari’s tail wiggled as she continued her path, far and away from White Fir Notch behind her. She hadn’t give any word that she was leaving – but Gent had left on some business and hadn’t returned. Lucia disappeared soon after. Ryker was still around, but…the boy had never made any effort or shown any interest; frankly, no one besides Gent and his tiny doppelganger had made even the slightest attempt. There was no point in staying behind. And there was no point in saying goodbye to wolves who had never so much as said hello. Shit, the Canyon wolves were kind of jerks, but they had better manners than that!

The massive wolf shook her head as she slowed, craning her neck to peer up at the trees. Though she’d gone south, the woman had no idea she’d gone in the opposite direction. Instead, she stared at the tiny green fruits only just starting to appear on branches. “Wonder if I can eat ‘em?” she asked no one in particular. Before she could do anything more that rear up and place her paws on the trunk, a tiny ladybug fluttered down and perched delicately on her nose. The tiny legs tickled, but she didn’t dare move – what if it flew away?


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Flair Athesila

She couldn't stay still for long, it just wasn't in her nature. So it wasn't so strange to find her out again today, investigating the grove of low trees standing so peculiarly in the middle of the field littered with smaller bushes. Of course she didn't really care about the trees, not the way her sister and mother cared about plants; Boring! Really, she was much more concerned about the small fruits that hung on the branches. Tiny, green things, but at least they were there, unlike the blackberries around them, which were still just flowers. The fiery girl had managed to find a pair of drupes low enough to reach, though biting into one had landed her with an unpleasant surprise. She'd been left spitting and coughing at the dry bitterness, most of the fruits center consisting of a hard seed, tasting even worse than the unripe flesh; Disgusting!

But Flair was a stubborn sort, and not one to give up on a chance at free food, so she continued her trek through the grove, scouting for fruits that might have hung longer on the trees, gathering sweetness as she knew other berries did. Instead she found something quite different. First alerted by a voice, reddish ears perked and spun, gaze searching the surrounding until they found the figure. Amber eyes widened, mouth falling slightly open at the sight, her tail swooping low in apprehension. At first sight she mistook the strange wolf for a bear, standing upright against the tree trunk, legs and frame hulking under the fur, a few shades darker brown than her own. The shewolf looked just like the monsters her parents had described; But it… Talked! Could bears talk?

Hesitant yet curious, the younger girl took a few step towards the creature, narrowing her eyes to see it clearer. If it was a bear, they looked more like wolves than she'd thought. This creature looked mostly like her father, a little smaller and lighter in color, but otherwise the same; So which is it? Bear or wolf? She supposed there was only one way to find out; "Ey! You a bear?"

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Marianna Leigh

Ari had no idea another wolf was approaching. It was a good thing she was so big, quite frankly, or she’d make a good target for someone who had less than kind things in mind. But no, she was far too busy watching the little friend on her nose, slowly walking its way across the bridge of her snout towards the rest of her face. Steel grey eyes started to cross as the Leigh struggled to keep the ladybug in focus, barely registering that someone had said something.

For a moment, she thought it might be the insect on her muzzle.

“You can read minds?” she asked it a bit absently, glad the movement didn’t startle it off. Only as she moved did she notice the bright swatch of red fur nearby. Her tail waved once but she dare not turn, dare not jump down, lest the little bug fly off. “Yeah, ‘course,” she answered absently, having no real idea what the other girl had said. It sounded like a question. Something about a bear. Bear-dog, that’s what Finch had called her. She liked that. Ari’s lips tipped upwards.

“Who’re you?”

Whether she was asking the wolf or the ladybug remained unclear.

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