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Ari Leigh
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Marianna was born into tragedy, but unfortunately, it did not seem the tragedy ended with Tokino's death or the fall of Black Thorn Downs. Despite the formation of Round Stone Crest and the best efforts of Minka and Gent, the family still seemed to fall apart. Their mother's death seemed to be the breaking point, pitting Ari and Kino against their brother, Draven, and with this, the rest of the pack. While Kino left, Ari lingered, and waited, until she was caught in a blizzard, and disappeared. She was found some time later by a pair of pack wolves, who'd returned the starving girl to their home south of the Wildwood. There, Ari was fed, and she grew, and she learned the hard lessons -- the scar on her snout says as much. But she learned how to scuffle and hold her ground, and once she'd spent almost a year in their care, the girl decided it was time to return to the place from which she'd come.
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Character State

Physical Health

Ari has gone from pack wolf to loner, to pack wolf, and very recently back to loner again.  White Fir Notch was good to her, so she has her full weight to her.  She is thick.  She is hearty.  Her coat is bushy and shiny -- she still looks like a bear.  Even her limp is slightly subdued now, due to her otherwise good health.

Mental Health

Not much has changed for Ari.  She seems to be happy enough.  Even though Gent and Lucia have left White Fir Notch, she is not hopeless.  They aren't dead.  She has other family to see, and that's just what she intends to do.

Current Routine

As a loner, he has no routine.  At best, it includes sleeping as the sun goes down, in something resembling a den if she can help it.  She'd eat every day if he could, but rare is it that Ari's luck is quite so good.


  1. See the entirety of the forest.
  2. Find her brother, Kino, and the pack he's trying to build.
  3. See other packs and make some new friends.

Rank & Duties

  • Lone wolf has no rank or duties.
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Character Will

Character Will

After one missed activity check... Ari has, to everyone's great surprise, gotten lost. Directions are not her strong suit, and she has, once again, managed to find herself outside the realm of Relic Lore.
After two missed activity checks... Ari has not only gotten lost, but very lost. So lost, in fact, that Finch has picked her back up. unable to find Kino and his pack, she decides returning to the canyon is her best option and has done so.
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Character Relationships



  • Firefly -- 1
  • Raela -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Calanthe -- 1, 2, 3
  • Moraxia -- 1, 2
  • Alphinaud -- 1, 2
  • Cessair -- 1


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Wolves Met

First Twenty Met

  1. Firefly
  2. Kino
  3. Draven
  4. Kova
  5. Minka
  6. Gent
  7. Calanthe
  8. Moraxia
  9. Alphinaud
  10. Cessair
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Nasty Woman

  1. Get Up -- Dorothy
  2. One Girl Revolution -- Superchic(k)
  3. Seven Nation Army -- The White Stripes
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