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Yearbook 2017 Superlative Suggestions
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It's the time again, folks! In July, RoW will celebrate it's 7th birthday. As is our tradition, every year we publish a yearbook documenting our game's IC & OOC development over the course of the previous year. A key part of this is our superlatives, and that's where you guys come in.

To get an idea of what we mean by superlatives, take a look through our previous yearbooks. We're looking for approximately 15-20 superlative categories that pertain to either individuals, couples, or packs.

2013 Superlatives
2014 Superlatives
2015 Superlatives
2016 Superlatives

We'd like to publish the submission form towards the beginning of June, so you have until the end of May to get your suggestions in.

Pack leaders, consider this your warning to start thinking about your pack blurb. We'll be reaching out to you to provide those soon. :)

Thanks in advance!
Happily Ever After
When Will They Just Get Together?
Favorite Budding Romance
Cutest Couple
Unsinkable Ship
Couple You Want To Break Up
Sisters From Another Mister
Best Broship

Most Improved
Most Likely To Get Away With Anything
Most Likely to be RoW's Next Top Model
Dream Date
Most Likely to Succeed
Most Likely to be Catfished
Most Pack Spirit
Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games
Most Likely to Leave and Never Come Back
Most Likely Future Alpha

Most Likely to Survive the Winter
Unlikely Allies
Life of the Party

Best RE
Best "event" thread (Halloween, April Fool's, ECT)
Most Tear-Jerking
[Image: reyes_sig_by_becuffin-db81qck.png]
[Image: se_sig_by_becuffin-dbuushz.png]
Most Turbulent Relationship
The Runaway Lovers

The Biggest Dramaqueen
The Loudest Mouth
Most Darling Wolf

Most Turbulent Pack
Shaky Start
Let the roots & soil drink of me
Whispering leaves & pointing branches will tell them where I'm lying
Romeo and Juliet (shouldn't be in love but are)
I Will Go Down With This Ship (I liked this one from the other superlatives)
Bound for Disaster (this won't end well)

Bundle of Joy (for puppies! <3)
Most Cringe (so many mistakes)
Most Likely Serial Killer (why not)
Comedian (funny)
Daydreamer (do they even exist in reality?)
Flirt (pfft I think we know why I'm putting this here)
Clumsiest (most likely to die by tripping into a tree)

Drama Central (we know there are a few of these packs out there)
Family (again, there are some of these, too)

WTF Did I Just Read? (the weirdest/wildest thread)