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Pack tags
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I know nothing about coding, so I'm unsure if this is even possible but it was an idea that had come to mind, an @tag handle to alert the members of a pack instead of having to list each member, could something like this be possible as a feature?
I would support this ^_^
I actually had this thought last night, lol. I'm for this if it's possible.
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-slaps hands on table- why are we not FUNDING this?!?
Uhm. Given how the alert plugin and tags work with usernames, as it stands this is not possible. It would require an account to be made for the pack, and then for everyone to get the alerts they'd have to have the account to be attached with the account switcher. Then you'd all have access to each other's accounts.

I don't know if there's some other script that can be written, where it takes @pack and looks in the pack user group and tags all the users currently in thy user group, but that would be something that's much more difficult and time consuming. Especially compared to just typing up everyone's names.

Edit: I also tried seeing if there was something simple we could do like make a short code like @pack that would turn into all the individual names when posted. but the tags did not end up going through. So that wouldn't work
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