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Activities with Arty!
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Well hello there! Clearly me and my big bear of a wolfie are new here, and I’d really like to throw him into the midst of things at RoW.

Arcturus has been known as Arty since he was a pup, as Arcturus is something of a mouthful, plus he thinks it helps him come off a bit softer if he has a nickname. He can come off intimidating at first glance, as he’s huge and scarred, though he tries to negate the bad first impressions so often can be seen smiling at something or other. Most of the time, he is chilled and laid back, easy to laugh and happy to follow other’s lead. He can, and does, snap if the right buttons are pushed. Those scars didn’t come from nowhere.

So, I’d like to get him acquainted with as many people and places as possible. I haven't really started him as anywhere, but I would prefer to start him in the more outer areas of the map and then I'm happy to have him wander.
Meet & greets – self-explanatory. Pack or loner wolves, it doesn’t matter.
Hunting – could be stalking the same prey and either help each other out or argue over who gets the kill
Mentoring – he likes teaching the younger ones, so he could help teach a younger pup how to hunt or spar (potential for drama llamas if mum/dad aren’t happy)
Joining a pack – I’d like him to join one soon, I’m thinking he’d be better off in a larger pack as that’s what he’s used to but I haven’t really decided - edit: he's going to explore a bit first before deciding on where he would fit in best.
...Or literally anything else.  

Please throw some wolfies at me. Happy to start threads!

Edit: he's starting north and heading east then south - just so that works for people when planning : )
Heya and welcome!

Depending on what you're looking for, I have several woofs for you!

Askan is my resident toughie, aka Guardian of Wild Rye fields. He's salty at best and a right douche at worst. He's deffo up for meet and greets, as long as they take place in Snowmarch Expanse, as he's not really able-or willing- to travel away from the north. Hunting would interest him too, as there are a lotta mouths to feed at WRF. As to whether he would try and recruit him, well I can't see him outright saying it, unless Arty really impresses him. Who know's how it'll go. XD

Next is Lenae, who honestly might be straight up terrified of him. Big males really spook her out, so unless he manages to calm her down, I can't see her trying to do anything of those things. Like her bro, she is also in the north. But instead she is in Whitestone Monadnock. Doing her thing, smelling flowers and being an overall cutie.

Aegir, is a bit too young, so I'mma skip him. He's mostly doing fam stuff atm.

Then I have Marisol, my spanish-shit talker. She'd deffo be up for a hunt if he offers. Would likely try and push those buttons of his, because she can. And because she's a meanie sometimes. 

I'm losing steam-it's bedtime here- but deffo hit me up if you fancy and we can work something out.
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Hi Holly :D

I have a young Lila on the east side of the mountains. She's part of Oak Tree Bend.
She's not very trusting, but definitely needs more reason to be out and about. See not all strangers are bad?

Then Remington is currently in Larkcall Lowlands. She use to be part of Wild Rye Fields, and has come back not certain if she'll join again.

I'd be fine with a hunt or meet and greet with either. Just let me know if you prefer one, and if you start just message me. : )
Hey Alice and Switch, thanks for posting!
Alice, I will message you now.
Switch, I will get a thread set up and shoot you a message when it's up : D
Thanks again for welcoming the new guy
Hey there and welcome to RoW! I have a few guys (weirdly enough I'm normally a one character type of gal) that you may take interest in!

Adelayde, resident sunflower with a dash of sunshine, she's currently also up north as second of WRF. She's uber friendly and may try to recruit him if she likes him (which isn't hard). She's a big girl, almost exactly his size so won't be intimated by much! Also won't be able to thread outside of the Snowmarch Expanse.

Adimar, resident side kick pup over in SW. Likely won't travel too far out of the pack territory, but he's always welcome to come make trouble with his brother for you!

And lastly, my old girl Athena. She's currently in the north momentarily with  Ash though they both have their secret agenda that we are keeping from RoW. They are welcome to have a thread if you are interested!

If you are interested in any of theses guys, just shoot me a PM! <3
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Hey there, welcome to RoW! <3 I've got a few wolves hanging around that could run into your lad!

Reyes is hanging around in the north -- Askan's mate, rofl -- and is also a resident grump. He's good for a lot of things, depending on how they meet; might be suspicious, or might decide to through him a bone and help a loner hunt. He's self-sufficient and not easily deterred.

Bennet is my baby girl and she is a recently returned yearling searching for her best friend. She's in the northeast, and could definitely use a hunt (or anything to fill her belly). She could use some teaching too, quite frankly, and I don't think she'd mind a travel buddy. It wouldn't be permanent, but she wouldn't mind a short-term arrangement.

Matheo is a pup also in the northeast. He doesn't wander too far, but he's interested in meeting strangers, and is really struggling with the concept/point of rules after his mother was killed by a cougar. He still lives with the pack, so he's not alone, but is also an interesting possibility if you want to mentor a pup (and maybe give some bad advice).
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Wooo thanks so much guys. This is a great welcome to have Arty getting stuck in straight away! He is such a social butterfly right now.
Ace and Arya, I will be PMing you both :D
Hey there and welcome to ROW.

I have a bunch of wolves thst are all over the map. My wolves in the north are...

Inna is in Hearthwood river, she hasn't been getting out much as she is going through a rough time. She is friendly and likes meeting new wolves.

Oksana is in Hearthwood as well and is Inna's first and only child. As if late she has been venturing outside of the territory. She is open to meet and greets as well as mentoring.

Cheedo is in Whitestone and often travels away from pack lands. She can be shy and nervous but she is friendly most if the time.

If your interested in any of these three or would like to know about my others just shoot me a pm.
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Hi! I'd love to start some threads with you, if you're willing! Sharan is brand new around the place so she would certainly need to make some friends /and foes, perhaps :D/. She has a friendly and helping nature so no need to fear!