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all i ask of you — Fallen Tree Cove 
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Bastet Akhenaten
Bastet Akhenaten

The hunt was underway and going as planned. She could smell the goats ahead, their stench made her stomach growl with anticipation as wide eyes scanned the line for one that was worthy of chasing. She waited with patience, watching each footfall, each sway of its tail, each flick of its ears, until--something was off and immediately she had found her target. Her ears pinned backward, tail held straight behind her as she crept and when she felt she was within considerable distance she gave chase and maintained a steady pace behind her target; a young goat with miniature horns.

She pushed the goat closer to the larger males in wait, pursing and scaring it so that it would maintain its speed and not attempt to divert from the path she had planned. When she sensed that she had traveled close enough to her comrades she woofed, a sign that she was ready for their bulk and she waited for them to intercept, her lungs filling and exhaling air quickly. The thrill of the chase kept her going but she was mindful of Solas' idea and would leave it up to the male to force the goat into a water source where they could trap and consume it.

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