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Am i chasing dreams or nightmares? — Turtleback Lake 
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Lone Wolf
Isaura Chilam
Will take place in Driftwood surge. If you would like something changed let me know. ^^


She had gotten up early to find something for her and her shadow to eat but she had also went out to think. The snowbird had been thinking a lot about how her shadow had gotten hurt. What if there came a time when he was hurt bad enough that a simple cleaning of the wound wouldn't suffice? What then? She was no healer and didn't even know that much. The only thing she knew was to keep it clean and make sure that the wounded was well-taken care. Besides that, she didn't know anything.

Isaura slowly made her way through the cedars that had taken root her thoughts filled with uncertainty. She knew she couldn't fight and help Ru out when it came down to it the best she could do was take care of him after the fact. How long would that be able to last though? How long before he got seriously hurt defending her?

The snowbird didn't want to think about it but it was an ever-looming thought since their run-in with the pack wolves. The only reasonable solution that she could find was that she would need to learn some healing and she would have to be extra careful when doing so. She didn't want another bad situation and she also wanted to make sure that her shadow didn't get hurt again. That meant that he was going to have to stay in the dark about it all and that caused her discomfort. She knew that he would want to be along if he knew and she didn't want him hurt again.

Torn she turned her attention back to her surroundings and found herself staring at a river that flowed swiftly but calmed as it turned amongst that rocks and downed trees. The snowbird blinked in surprise at the rough beauty of it. This area was full of these hidden spots, wasn't it?

Unable to resist the urge she went down to the water and stepping into the shockingly cold water she dipped her head and lapped at its surface. Getting a drink that would help keep her sated for a long while.

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Lachesis "XIX" Stark

He had returned to the rushing water once more, for the spot had not left his thoughts since his previous visit. The pale king also wanted to ensure that the territory remained unclaimed, for he did not want to shoo away any loners or travelling groups from the mountainous forest if the move went as planned. The river wolves had enough brawn on their side to do so, if necessary, but he didn’t want it to come to that. Not if he could prevent it from happening.

As soon as he entered the familiar woods a weight fell from his shoulders, his tail wagging freely behind him as he sauntered through the towering cedars. He couldn’t wait to bring his wife here, for a simple description did not do the place justice. As he trotted through the evergreens a comfort consumed him and he was embraced by the feeling of home. He couldn’t help but wonder if Maksim had felt the same way when he had arrived in Hearthwood… or Cut Rock. Since arriving in the north Lachesis had always imagined living out the rest of his days among the towering giants, alongside the fallen king and his mate. The forest had become a safe haven, for a short while. After the death of his friend things had begun to change, but they had still felt stable. It wasn’t until the death of his mate, the river queen, that Hearthwood had truly begun to change…

An unfamiliar scent pulled him away from his thoughts, causing the fur on the back of his neck to rise as his tail curled high above his back. But these were not his woods—not yet. He couldn’t claim ownership… but he could steer them in a different direction. Away from the surging river.

He padded down to the river’s edge, his chartreuse gaze fixated on the pale stranger. His neck craned to the side as he tried to get a better look—to see if he recognized her. But the face, along with the scent, was unfamiliar. He frowned and woofed a soft greeting, his shoulders sagging to show that he was of no threat to her.

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