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Help give Arti purpose!
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My girl Artionis needs something to do! You know what they say - idle hands are the devil's workshop. I'm hoping to find a plot for her to jump into or perhaps offer her up to someone who has an idea sitting around. As long as it doesn't involve her being killed off (because i'm not ready for that yet) I'm game!

Feel free to PM on Artionis, DM me on slack or reply here if interested!
Nia is trying to find Secret Woodlands because she's convinced she's entitled to it. Along the way she'll probably form a little group of sorts if you're game.
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Chan or Ro would be happy to bring her back to FTC if she wants a pack. She'd have to venture a bit with Chan first bc he's not ready to come home yet, and Roland would have some ulterior motives but. Could go somewhere either way if you don't find anything else for her. <3
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