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Joining Instructions
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OOC Joining Instructions

To facilitate the process of joining a pack, RoW offers the option for characters to join a pack OOCly. To join, simply post a new thread in this forum with your desired pack as the thread subject with the following information included:

Character Name:
How long has your character been in Relic Lore?
Post Prompt Response

Each pack has a specific post prompt that they ask all potential joiners to respond to. Pack leaders will use this response to gauge whether or not they think your character is a correct fit for their pack. Each of the post prompts are below. When responding to the post prompt, please ensure that your post meets the 200 word minimum. These posts should be treated like regular RP posts. How would your character react in the situation that the prompt puts them in? After leaders have read and evaluated your response, they will respond to your application and either accept or deny your character.

Pack Post Prompts

Aurora Heights

Interested in joining Aurora Heights? Please submit your application to the joining thread. Also please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you.

After your call, you are greeted by one of the pack alphas. They want to know what brings you here, why have you chosen to come to Aurora Heights out of all the packs? What do you bring that is unique to you and your life experiences. Finally, upon your answer, they give you a riddle to answer, as well: If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?

Charred Ash Draw

Interested in joining Charred Ash Draw? Please submit your application to the joining thread. Also please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you.

The wolf that comes to greet you is not overbearing in their stance, in fact, they greet you with a smile. How do you show them that you wish to join their merry little band? Do you have a way with words or do you prefer to be judged by your actions?

Fallen Tree Cove

Thank for your interest in Fallen Tree Cove! The leaders here, Namid and Vespertio, are looking for those who can pull their weight and work hard for their keep. You think you're up for it? Submit your application to the joining thread and please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you!

You come upon the well kept borders and howl for admittance to Fallen Tree Cove. Do you bring a gift? A gift that shows your potential or skill, or are you relying on your words to sway the leaders? The regal leaders quickly arrive and ask who you are and what you are doing upon their borders. What do you say? Do you tell them your skills and potential? What can you offer them? Impress them with your words, but also your actions.

Hearthwood River

Thank you for your interest in joining Hearthwood River! Please make sure your sample is a minimum of 200+ words and follows the prompt. Remember that both Lachesis and Kisla seek loyalty and hard-working wolves.

Your wolf has arrived at the borders of Hearthwood River. A leader of the pack stands before you, asks to know why you are here. Your wolf explains they wish to join and the leader asks "why? What can you offer?" What does your character say? What is it about Hearthwood River that has intrigued them? How can she/he prove herself to Lachesis/Kisla? Be persuasive, but don't be dishonest.

Oak Tree Bend

Interested in joining Oak Tree Bend? Aponi and Serach are always looking for members who are capable and loyal. Please answer the following prompt with a 200 word minimum reply.

Your call didn't take long to be answered by a pair that appears through the thick mist like a couple of ghosts side by side. The tall way that they hold themselves commands respect and makes it clear that you are expected to submit before any kind of meeting is to take place. They allow you to be the first to speak before your request to join is met with a question, "Oak Tree Bend has lived within these woods for nearly four years, it was built on the backs of those who are loyal and respectful not only to the leaders but the pack as a whole. Laziness and disrespect are unacceptable here, tell us, why should we trust you? Why do we need you to continue this legacy?" How does your wolf respond to such clear displays of dominance and demands of what is required? How will they answer the question they have been posed?


After wandering through the darkest forest of Relic Lore you are standing in the bright, airy woods of Quaking Vale. The leader that answers your call is very young--probably much younger than you. They tell you that this pack is meant to be a sanctuary for those that need it, and they will open their home to you for a small price: they ask you, “Tell us something personal to you.” Do you have any ambitions or a goal, a secret about yourself, something you’ve never told anyone? If you lied, would they know? They look so young and innocent… Do you trust them?

Secret Woodlands

Secret Woodlands is not for wolves of dishonor and deceit. We strive on loyalty and family. Our pack is close-knit and are of unity. What keeps us alive is our devotion to each other  and our strength as one. Do you have what it takes be part of our pack?

You meet one of the leaders, and they ask you where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Will you be honorable to answer with the truth even if it damages your chances of a home?

White Fir Notch

Want to join White Fir Notch? The pack keeps those who are hardworking, honest and who genuinely care about the wellbeing of their pack mates. Action is prefferred over words, so bringing a gift that emphasizes a talent would be helpful. Temporary stays are allowed so long as the wolf is upfront about their intentions. Please submit your application to the joining thread and please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you!

Your wolf has reached the clearly marked borders of White Fir Notch, where they are approached by a leader. After introducing yourself and expressing your wish to join the leader declares that you will be expected to show loyalty and respect for each pack mate, as well as to care for them as though they are family. It is asked if you are willing and able to uphold these values, and if so, what else do you bring to the table? Why should you be considered an asset to the pack? What trade off are you looking to get, other than a place to sleep and eat? And finally, in one word, what does your wolf value most that has not already been discussed?


Interested in joining Whitestone Monadnock? Please submit your application to the joining thread. Also please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you.

Prickly grasses underfoot are the first sign that the wolves of the north must be hardy to live in such harsh terrain. In the distance, a rocky structure is clearly visible and stands tall and stark against the sky. It seems the entire world may be seen from its peak. You come upon clearly marked borders and well patrolled territory and are quickly met by the leaders of the monadnock. Though the pair have a general friendly demeanor, there is no mistaking that they are a unit and not one to be trifled with readily. Their questions are simple, but all too important. Who are you? What does family mean to you? What are you willing to offer to become part of ours?

Willow Ridge

Interested in joining Willow Ridge? Please submit your application to the joining thread. Also please be sure that your samples meet the RoW standard of 200+ words. Thank you.

Your wolf has decided to show up on the borders within the Drooping Willows with a gift in hopes of joining the pack. What type of gift is it (ie. herbs, an oddly shaped rock, a freshly caught squirrel, etc.) and why did they choose to bring it to Morganna and/or Nicolo? Does it symbolize anything or emphasize your wolf's strengths or hint at what kind of service they can provide the pack? How do they address and present it to their potential future Leaders?

Wild Rye Fields

Wild Rye Fields values family above all else, and they're looking for loyal wolves who long for connection  and stability. Drestig will readily open his home to anyone who is lost or in need, provided they're willing to abide by the few, simple rules and help support the pack. Getting accepted is not hard, but new members will be kept under watchful eyes until they've proven themselves, by Jessie especially. To apply, simply respond to the following prompt with 200+ words.

The border before you is clearly marked, not only by scent, but the shifting in the landscape, from lower grasses to tall blades of golden, wild grain. Your call is answered by a wolf with colorless pelt and bright eyes, asking your errand in a kind manner. Upon hearing you request, the question they provide is simple: "We consider each other family here, do you want to be a part of that?" There's a small smile, an earnest look in those colorful eyes; "If so, all we ask is your loyalty. Will you stay with us, even through hardship? And offer whatever skills you have to help support the pack?" Then the look turns expectant, but no less friendly , a dark tail swaying as your answer is awaited.