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Vital Information
Full Name: Narimé Lagina
Alias: Nari / Blue Eyes
Gender: Female
Age: 9 Years (March 2 2011)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members V. Subordinate
Birthplace: Dnakinna Pack
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Life Points: 6280
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Dark Gray, Light Gray
Species: 25% Arctic, 12.5% Timber, 62.5% Mackenzie Valley wolf
Height: 3.31 ft. = 101 cm.
Length: 5.78 ft. = 176.17 cm.
Eye Color: Both light blue
Physique: Large
Weight: 146 pounds

Body Reference Photo

Narimé has the typical patterns of a Mackenzie Valley wolf but her fur color is slightly unique. The pattern on the top half of her body is varying shades of dark gray whereas the bottom half of her has varying shades of light gray. Also her eyes are unique, being a lighter shade of blue. She has finished growing into her slender legs and now has her adult body. However much to her disappointment Nari still has long legs. She was hoping to fill out more rather than be an amazon. A taller adult with a lean type of muscle. A hunters body made for stamina.

Has a set of claw mark scars from a run in with a mountain lion. The scars are on the top of her neck just above her shoulders well hidden by her thick silver ruff fur. Also has a few nicks from scuffles with other wolves dispersed around her pelt. Those nicks are also well hidden by her thick fur. Also has numerous 20+ small 2-5mm scars covering her left side, rear end, and back left leg from a run in with a porcupine.

Current health -She is 90% but a little thin and tired from hunting so much by herself


Her nature bounces between lawful neutral when she's around Ash and Elettra but then back to lawful evil when around those she does not trust.Nari sports a typical triangle personality.

TRAITS - Reserved - Cautious - Smart - Patient - Loyal - Confident - Competitive - Honest to a point, but will curb the truth to better herself or her pack - Becoming judgmental of others - Bitter - Spiteful -

SUMMARY She has become less trusting of those around her, and only really trusts those closest to her. If you are a wolf she trusts, you will see the good version of Narime; the wolf from before all the pain and suffering. If you are a wolf Nari does not trust, you will see only a closed off version of her.

Depending on the situation, the wolves present, and their own personalities, Nari could be the lowly subordinate, calm submissive, powerful leader, rational alpha, or a killer. She has experience killing, and at this point will not stop herself from killing an opponent who has attacked or harmed her family or pack. Though she still retains her most upheld moral, that all children are innocent, and will not harm a child or kill its parents in front of the child. Nari will also refrain from dishing out harmful injuries to those like loners, allies (during rank challenges or food squabbling), and to other pack wolves. She would also never attack a wolf who is submitting to her.

Tips on getting closer to her are as follows. 1) Generally be a good wolf around her. Though she may keep kind nice wolves at bay for a while, Nari is far more likely to open up and trust a kind and caring wolf than a mean one. 2) Be evident in her life. Narime will trust and open up to those who have stuck around through thick and thin. 3) Even if you are a mean wolf, or not often seen by Nari, she will note and accept your presence as long as you are loyal to her and her only.

Needs Wants Do Don't
to be right,
to be respected,
to look good
to please self,
a challenge,
to hide her insecurities
act good/nice around her,
demand her attention,
present issues logically,
support her
embarrass her,
use physical punishment,
be indecisive,
betray her,
argue loudly with her from emotion
pack history

Dnakinna Pack 50 miles South of RL
~Pup to VIII (VARIED) 3/2/2011---1/27/2012

10 miles South East of RL

Drooping Willows, RL
~Yearling VI (VARIED) 6/19/2012---3/2/2013


Hush Meadow, RL
Whisper Caverns Theme Song
~ I. Leader/Founder 3/13/2013---11/19/2013
~ II. Subordinate 11/20/2013---4/13/2014
~ I. Leader 4/14/2014---9/1/2015


Thicket of Secrets, RL
Secret Woodlands Theme Song
~ ?. Subordinate?Hunter? 9/4/2015---10/6/2015

Secret Falls, RL
Broken Timber Pines Theme Song
~ ?. Subordinate?Hunter? 10/6/2015---12/6/2015


the rain no longer falls on me

Mate Ash Hervok

Ex-Mate Sloane Thorben

Sons Titan Thorben , Yuka Thorben , Korrin Hervok

Daughters Malia Thorben , Nineva Hervok , Rose Hervok

Adopted Daughter Aurora Thanne


Where does my heart go? every time I dance
~with you in the moon light

When you disappear in front of my eyes.. I feel complete by you
~even when the rain falls on me

---------Before Wildwood History--------

Narimé was born in a small pack called Dnakinna pack South East of Wildwood. She grew up there with no worries thinking that everything between her parents had been fine. However for some unknown reason Narimé's father told her that they had to go someplace. She thought that he was taking her somewhere to learn how to hunt or something, but she realized as they were traveling that something was off about her father. He was very silent and did not talk for most of the first few days that they traveled. The closer they got to Wildwood the thinner the father became. He only hunted for Narimé keeping her fit and healthy. Then a week before Spring set its eyes upon the land the two wolves found an elk carcass. The father was wary because he could scent the bear on it but he allowed himself to eat with his daughter for he was already starving. Narimé looked up from her meal to see a huge lumbering black figure behind her father and then she blacked out. Next thing she could remember is that the gray she wolf was gasping for breath after running farther north onto the edges of Wildwood. There she howled and howled for her father and could not find him as she searched around the unknown land. Narimé still doesn't know what had driven her father to pick up and leave Dnakinna pack, and this absence of knowledge will continue to haunt her perhaps for the rest of her life.

Unless some other wolf friend may help her to forget her sad past.

Her real mother was not the alpha of Dnakinna pack, she was a loner outside of the pack. Her father was a lower member of the pack however fell for the lone female. She had pups but the male was wary about leaving the safety of his pack. He decided to leave the female, not knowing that she was pregnant, and stay with the pack. The female tried raising the pups alone but all the pups except one were predated on by bears, coyotes, ect... Narimé was the only survivor. The female finally decided to bring Narimé to the male and give the pup to him. When she found him with his pack the alpha of Dnakinna pack killed the lone female but allowed the male to live and the pup to live as well. However the pup was adopted by the alpha. The alpha later tells Narimé about her father, but also tells her to stay away from him since he broke the rules of the pack. Only alphas have pups. For close to a year Narimé's father watched with sadness and longing as his pup was raised as the alphas. The alpha who had killed his lover and mate. So finally he gathered up the courage to take Narimé and travel away with her. Away from Dnakinna pack to a new home.



Last updated: 2/12/2015

family tree

-Immediate family-

Male father Sibo "RiverRunner" Lagina Dead

Female mother Marianna Lagina Dead

Female sisters Tempest Thorben Alive Missing, Nina Hervok Alive, Eva Hervok Alive

Male brothers Denahi Lagina Alive, Guiness Thorben Dead


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Lagina, RiverRunner, Human reference is Brandi Glanville