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Vital Information
Full Name: Junai Tainn
Alias: Ju
Gender: Female
Age: 11 Years (May 24 2009)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: The Wildwood
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Life Points: 0
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Black-Brown
Species: Timber-Valley Wolf Cross
Eye Color: Pale Gold
Physique: Medium
The spitting image of her father, especially now she has grown into her adult body, Junai has bright yellow eyes and coal dark fur. She has a lithe, feminine figure like her mother also, with willowy limbs and a streamlined body. Now no longer in possession of her ungainly puppy youth, Junai looks mature and is very alluring.



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pack history

HIDDEN TREE → 5.24.2009 › firedate!
SWIFT RIVER → firedate › present!

        Born into Hidden Tree pack, Junai had a happy puphood surrounded by family who gave security and plenty of love. She grew into a strong wolf, the plentiful forest never going sparce of prey in her lifetime, and is now a member of the adult ranks were she can hone her skills and learn more from the pack. Junai's life was idyllic until the fire ripped through her old home, killing her parents in the process.