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100k Posts! - Sahalie - Mar 24, 2017

We Made It!

After 6 and half years of writing, we've finally hit a huge milestone, which just blows my mind. I remember back in April 2012 when we were excited to hit 10,000 posts. That was only five years ago, and our activity has grown exponentially since then. So many wonderful people have contributed to making this happen, and we want to take the time to celebrate you all. We hope you enjoy the skin (cobbled together at light speed by me) and this little signature flair to commemorate reaching 100,000 posts as a group:

[Image: 100ksig_by_a_yellow_bird-db3e1g4.png]

There will likely be a ribbon dropping soon, but I'm currently away from the computer that has the files. We'll see about getting that to you all. Thank you everyone, so much, for all the work you do to keep this place a lively community!

And, of course, congratulations to Tagg for being the member/wolf to get the 100,000th post. Vespertio has offered to make the winner a table, which just goes to show how thoughtful and lovely everyone on this site is. I am such a proud mom right now, haha!


RE: 100k Posts! - Ice - Mar 24, 2017

AND I <3 ROW! And all my RoWers. <3

RE: 100k Posts! - Serach - Mar 25, 2017

I'm so proud of everyone <333 I never thought when we first opened we would get to this point, so I'm so excited to say that we have and show no signs of slowing down. :) Here's to the next 100k!!!!

Fun fact, I've made 898 posts on the site with all of my characters, which means my IC post contribution is only .89%. @Rook on the other hand, who is leading our player totals, has made 2644 posts which give her 2.64% of the total. Just a fun thing that goes to show how collaborative this all has been. <3 Thank you to everybody who has been a part of it!

RE: 100k Posts! - Shallow - Mar 25, 2017

Plays victory music

But seriously, even though I haven't been here for that long, I'm still delighted that I could see the 100K post mark getting hit. So, let's aim for 200K next. I'll help out!