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We're Hiring & Pack Changes - Serach - Jan 31, 2018

We're Hiring & Pack Changes

First of all, Happy New Year, RoWers! 2018 on RoW is off to an incredible start - we just broke the 120,000 post mark. That is absolutely incredible and we're looking forward to seeing what this year has in store. To kick us off, we have a few changes we would like to announce.

We're Hiring!

First, some sad news. Ace (@Reyes) has been an instrumental part of our staff team for a very long time, but all good things must come to an end. In preparation for her upcoming graduation, Ace has decided to step down from her staff position. We are very grateful for all the work that Ace has done over the years, especially her ability to quickly tackle hundreds, if not thousands, of LP requests. :) Thank you, Ace!

If you're keeping track, that means the staff team is currently made up of Sarah, PuppyThief, and myself. Unfortunately, all of your stellar activity results in a lot of maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of, so we're looking to hire a few more people to join our team. These new staffers would be hired on as "Moderators" and PuppyThief is being promoted (officially) to Super Moderator.

Not entirely sure what a staff member does? Here are just some of the responsibilities that a RoW staffer has:
- Responds to Life Point requests

- Responds to Ribbon Requests
- Archiving dead threads in both the IC & OOC forums
- Reviving threads
- Dice rolls for fights
- Updates and maintains the library articles with new information, based on member suggestions and staff discussions.
- Responding to new character applications
- Answering member questions on the forum and on Slack
- Participating in staff-only discussions on member concerns, plot developments, and more

If you're interested, we encourage you to apply by filling out this this form.

We will be accepting applications until February 9th.

Pack Changes

Late 2017 and the start of 2018 is resulting in a few shakeups with RoW's packs.

- Secret Woodlands has officially disbanded. One of the oldest packs in RoW, we are sad to see them go, but are forever grateful for the impact SW and its members have had on Relic Lore's development.
- Two of our packs are currently in the process of relocating. We will announce those once the moves have been finalized.

Other Notes

On a personal note, I wanted to thank everyone for your patience with some of the slowness in staff responses over the past several months. We work very hard to make sure that all critical decisions have the feedback of all staff members and with various staff absences over the fall, our responses have not been as quick as we would like. This is something that we're really hoping to improve on with getting some new perspectives on the team.

That said, I also want to announce/remind everyone that my activity will continue to decrease over the next few months as I get closer to my wedding date in May (and then my honeymoon the following two weeks). My spare time is increasingly being taken up by projects for the wedding, and so I will be likely be slower in responding to non-urgent staff requests. I'll be putting up absences as necessary for when I won't be around at all, but I appreciate your continued patience and understanding. As always, I highly encourage you to PM the Spirit of Wildwood account if you need to PM the staff team generally.