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Anaia Rejoin - Anaia - Feb 12, 2018

OOC: Flywolf33
OTher Chars: Tagg, Lenka, Tikhi

Anaia’s paws were beginning to get sore, but she kept moving.  Continuing was all that kept them ahead of the worst of the winter. It was all around them now, but their mission hadn’t really changed all that much… Kuru didn’t seem fond of the idea of joining a pack just yet, and the snowy girl didn’t want to bring it up yet.

When her friend offered to find a place to rest, however, Anaia couldn’t turn him down.  She nodded.  “I’ll keep up, though.  We can find a good spot.” She didn’t feel right letting him to all the work.
That was when a familiar scent hit her nose.  It was a little different than she remembered, but it made her fur prickle.  She’d been thinking about the Cove wolves, and she seemed to have summoned one to them! She hesitated.  Which one was it? Definitely not Kajika, she’d know his smell. It probably wasn’t Moonshadow; the mother probably wouldn’t be this far away. Was it the cripple?
Her heart pounded in her chest as she slowly continued forward, searching for the source of the smell in the trees. She finally picked out the creamy form and a name popped into her head. “Neha?” She called timidly, hoping she was correct.  The Princess  had been friendly to her before she’d left.

Anaia Rejoin - Serach - Feb 13, 2018


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