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I'm lonely! - Alvar - Mar 04, 2018

For @Lachesis and optionally @Lilya if you want to include her in judging Alvar. Thoughts. Speech. Also word of the day usage.

It had been a long trek from the mountain, and his mood turned foul at having to be left behind during this little excursion that @Rory was making to the pack, and over the past month he had grown to like her, she was a kind soul, a real "social butterfly", someone you could connect with. He had grown to enjoy being around her, especially when she taught him things about The Lore. It had fascinated him. So when she left he was somewhat disappointed that she just left him sitting there on the edge of the place she called "Hearthwood River." She had told him that she didn't want any problems between him and the pack but that just made him feel like an inconvenience to her, something he didn't want to be.

So he had steeled his nerve and finally, after days of travel and weeks of waiting, he had gone to where her scent lead, the new territory of these wolves under Lachesis. "Lachesis." The name rang in his head, it had a raspy sort of feel to it and the more Alvar thought, the more he realized that this would be a wolf to reckon with. He would likely not be welcoming to Alvar at first. "So I'll just have to work harder at impressing him then." He thought. "I am the protagonist of my own story and I will not allow him to scare me into a weak spot." He started forward faster now, moving over fallen logs and across streams and through thick brush, until he caught a strong scent.

"This has to be it, the border of the new territory." He muttered to himself. "Well then... He began. Lets do this." He suddenly hesitated. What if @Rory had ditched him for some reason? If that was the case then wouldn't his showing up just make things worse than they would have been? He pondered this... and pondered... and pondered, until he remembered that she was the one who left him there. And that was why he came here in the first place, to see why, and to get some help from a pack life.

He narrowed his eyes, grinned and howled... "LACHESIS!!" Across the forest as far as his voice would go.

Now all he had to do was wait...

RE: I'm lonely! - Lachesis - Mar 05, 2018


For the most part things remained quiet around Driftwood. He had grown a little worried, as André was still missing after he’d been sent back to Hearthwood to retrieve some herbs. Then Lekalta disappeared once more. Her absence at the meeting had been noted, but he’d hoped that she had been wrapped up in a patrol or a hunt, but he had not scented her for days around the territory. She had seen keen on the move, but maybe it was too much for her. Leaving Inna behind; leaving her birthplace behind. Maybe she wasn’t ready for it all. Or, maybe, it was the arrival of spring—of breeding season. He’d never know—not unless she returned, with her tail tucked between her legs and an apology hanging off the tip of her tongue.

But even then—did he allow her to return?

The thought was immediately dismissed as a call sounded through the mountain forest. He would not have questioned it, or thought anything out of the ordinary, if it had not been addressed to him specifically. The voice behind it was not one that he recognized, which caused a frown to dip onto his features. With a heavy sigh he plunged forward through the trees.

The wolf standing at his borders was a stranger, which only further added to his confusion. His lips were drawn tight as his brows narrowed, his tail arched high above his back in a clear sign of dominance. Do I know you? He asked, his tone clipped as he sort of greeted the loner. 


Re: - Spirit of Wildwood - Mar 05, 2018

Shallow water has trapped several fish in a small pond. Hunt Opportunity

RE: I'm lonely! - Alvar - Mar 05, 2018

Nice work on the reply, short sweet and to the point. :) Thoughts. Speech.

He did not have to wait long before @Lachesis showed up... or at least he thought it was Lachesis. After a short moment of tension and a display of power by the believed Lachesis's part, he was asked a question. Alvar's only reply was... "No... But we have a mutual friend." He furthered the conversation by saying... "Her name is Rory, and she may or may not have told you about me... My name is Alvar." He said.

He thought for a second and looked at this wolf, he was certainly well built, and Alvar decided that he would not want to fight him unless it was the only option. Alvar pondered the situation for a moment. "I need to show submission to him or I have no chance." Was all he could think. He immediately lowered his ears a bit to show his submission, dropping his tail down as well for safety's sake. One more thing needed to be clarified before he could ask to join, so he discreetly sniffed the air, from what Rory had told him about the pack and Lachesis... this was him. With that he lowered himself to a full submissive position, bent on making sure that he would not be thrown away.

One final thing needed to be said. "I have come to offer you my allegiance. My strength, my loyalty and my knowledge from parts unknown." He bowed and hoped it would work.

RE: I'm lonely! - Lachesis - Mar 06, 2018



He remained quiet as waited for a response from the tawny stranger, for he had been the one to summon Lachesis. There was no pack scent accompanying the strange male; therefore, he was not scouting on behalf of one. Which meant the stranger was either looking for someone or seeking acceptance into his pack. His chin angled upward as the loner spoke once more, announcing that they had a mutual friend—Rory. But the ivory female had not mentioned this Alvar before. Was that on purpose, or had the tawny male simply slipped her mind over the excitement of her joining Driftwood? He would have to ask her later—right now his attention was fixated on the strange wolf.

Only after his introduction did Alvar decide to lower his body in submission. A single brow lifted in confusion, his claws curling into the frosted ground. Did the loner think that name-dropping Rory and adopting a submissive stance would smooth things over? She did not mention you, he responded, his voice clipped as he studied the younger male. All I have are your words. How can I be sure your loyal? Or strong? A frown creased his pale features, his expression skeptical. 


RE: I'm lonely! - Alvar - Mar 06, 2018

@Lachesis you will need to look at "Fumble" for the whole story. Alvar tells it there. Here it is. Thoughts. Speech.

The question was just, Alvar decided. And very much warranted, as was his skepticism. Alvar needed an ace in the hole to pull this off. Thinking quickly he decided he would take a risk, and said... "Test me, by strength in something of your choosing." He thought some more, and quickly added... "And as far as the loyalty goes, when you send me on whatever mission you decide you can ask Rory if she knows me. I came back here for her, and would do so for anyone I considered my packmate. Yet again I would be grateful to prove this to you." He hoped it was working, making sure he didn't make eye contact, he added...

"Ultimately I ask only that you make your judgement just, Lachesis, Leader of Hearthwood River." He kept his head low and breathed slowly, as to avoid any chance of accidental provocation. He thought and thought, as the air around him grew tight and dense, the tension was so thick you could bite it in half. He decided that he might as well give it his all, so he made one more statement.

"I hold loyalty to those who show me the kindness of a pack, Rory saved my life. And I owe her my own... He went on to tell his entire recollection of his coming to The Lore...

RE: I'm lonely! - Rory - Mar 07, 2018

Permission to enter thread from Hawthorn, lets see if Rory can smooth things over >-<


Whispering Pines send my baby back to me

A single ear perked backward, listening to the call that came specifically for Lachesis and for a moment she thought nothing of it, until her memory jolted her back to reality and she recalled the wolf she'd met back at Heartwood and promised to shelter within Driftwood Surge once she had successfully found them. That had been some time ago, and her own anxiety coupled with the sheer amount of stress she'd encountered before and since meeting Alvar had allowed him to slip her mind, if only briefly, and she hurried to where the call had come with one thing on her mind. She knew that Lachesis might not be happy to have a strange wolf calling out for him, only wolves that knew of these lands knew the traditions and apparently Alvar had no idea that his blunt intrusion spoke volumes much different than a attempt to join--it seemed like a challenge.

She entered the scene just as Alvar had finished speaking, she watched his stance and felt a moment of relief at his attempt to show submission but clearly Lachesis was not impressed and he had every right to think this way. She approached the male cautiously, turning her attention to Lachesis and licked his chin in submission before finally speaking. "I met him a few weeks back and I encouraged him to come to Driftwood Surge, we met just before the move and I didn't want to add more stress by bringing a stranger into the mix when everyone is trying to get adjusted. I apologize for not mentioning this earlier..." she said, shoulders slumping, head dipping lower than the larger white male. She respected him, he knew that, and she would give him as much information that he needed to smooth this awkward meeting over. The rest, the promise of loyalty, relied on Alvar and him alone. She had no idea what the male could contribute to the pack but she could envision him being a great asset to the pack--he was young and healthy and obviously smart, she eyed Lachesis to see what he thought of the matter.

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RE: I'm lonely! - Lachesis - Mar 09, 2018


The bridge of his nose wrinkled as the younger male spoke. Lachesis did not care if the stranger—Alvar—knew Rory, and that the ivory female could vouch for him. Words meant little to the ghost. Alvar could paint a story about how strong and loyal he was, but without proof Lachesis was doubtful. Lone wolves were not above saying whatever they needed to in order to be accepted into a pack, especially when they grew tired of living on their own. The part about coming back here for Rory made him uncomfortable. What as the tawny male planning with the newest Surge wolf? Was there something blossoming between the two (Aytigin wouldn’t be happy about that)? It made him even more cautious, as he had developed a friendship with the ivory female and the last thing he wanted to do was remove her from the pack for breeding without permission, but he would if it came down to it. There were no more exceptions—not this year.

This is not Hearthwood River, he retorted quickly, his brows furrowed. You may have been accepted there, but this is Driftwood Surge. Things are different here.

Rory had arrived on the scene shortly after, her body dipped in a submissive stance as she approached the ghost with an explanation. Her words made sense. She didn’t want to bombard the pack with a new member so soon after the move. But, Lachesis was still wary. He did not trust the tawny stranger standing before them.

Prove it, he stated firmly as he turned back to the male, his chartreuse gaze narrowed. Return with something—whether it be food or information—that shows your strength and your loyalty. Words will do you no good. Show us you want to be a part of this pack. With a new litter coming in the late spring Lachesis wanted to ensure all of his subordinates were loyal to both him and Lilya. He would not allow any wolf to join; they had to prove their worth.


RE: I'm lonely! - Alvar - Mar 09, 2018

All right then. I will tag @Lachesis and @Rory so you can read the IC hunt thread. When it is done I will post another reply here where Alvar presents his catch! Thoughts. Speech.

He waited and listened as they two pale-furred wolves spoke, all the while he thought about what Lachesis had said "This is not Hearthwood River. You may have been accepted there, but this is Driftwood Surge, things are different here." It was chilling to hear that from the larger male, not only did he have Alvar outclassed in size, but also in strength and possibly speed. "All the more reason to make sure I don't piss him off." He smiled in his own mind, thinking further. "Why is he acting like he is afraid that I will take out his whole pack?" Alvar wondered. Pondering this thought as Rory explained how they met and why she didn't bring him to the pack, he suddenly realised that Lachesis was looking at him the way a challenged wolf might look at his challenger. That was the problem, he had come here in a way that looked challenging to Lachesis's authority.

That was not good. But his thoughts were cut short when Lachesis told him to "Prove it, Return with something--whether it be food or information--that shows your strength and your loyalty. Words will do you no good. Show us you want to be part of this pack"

With Lachesis having come to his final decision Alvar rose to his feet and bowed his head saying "Thank you Lachesis, leader of Driftwood Surge, for this opportunity to prove myself to you. I will not disappoint you, I swear it." After another bow to the leader Alvar turned and ran off into the surrounding lands...

RE: I'm lonely! - Rory - Mar 10, 2018

@Alvar we can finish this thread up, and you can start another thread where Alvar hunts and then have another with Lachesis if you want so this one isn't sitting around for a while...


remembering the old times

Lachesis attitude had not changed, despite Rory's explanation and for a moment she wondered if the alabaster male was angry with her or simply fed up with the bullshit of all these stranger wolves. She knew that accepting wolves was a risk, every wolf promised something or another and usually didn't uphold their end of the deal, especially when winter was at its peak or coming to an end and Alvar was no different. She turned toward the tawny male, eyes said but understanding of what Lachesis had said for him to do and thought to give her own words but considered against it. There was nothing further she could do, the male would have to prove himself and judging from the fact that he had come here from a conversation some weeks back meant that he was a man of his word. She had no doubt that he would come back with a kill, or information, worthy of the Surge.

She felt herself cringe when Alvar spoke, his words spoke volumes and yet she felt sorry that she had been the one to lead him on a cold trail to a home she had been accepted to while he had been rejected. She had no idea Lachesis would have done that, in fact she had never seen this side of Lachesis but it made her feel confident in his leading capabilities because he didn't just take the word of any wolf he met, they would have to prove their worth and it made her even the more proud that she had chosen this place as her home. She had worked for her position at Dritwood Surge, whether she truly believed it or not, and now Alvar would have to do the same if he wanted a home. "I'll see you soon," she spoke to the male she had met while a loner near Heartwood, then turned toward her leader and licked his chin once more, her eyes sad. "I'm truly sorry Lachesis, I didn't mean to stir up...what ever this is. Alvar really does seem like a good wolf and I'm sure he'll prove his worth to you." she said, wanting to believe her words cause otherwise her relationship with Lachesis could be in jeopardy. 

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