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Profile/Life Points - Lyanna - Jun 10, 2018

Hello :)

I've got a request and a question? On Lyanna's profile, "pack" is correctly set to "Lone Wolf," but rank is still "Pup" instead of "No Rank" - at anyone's convenience, can this be fixed?

Also, I only have a couple of finished threads eligible for Life Points (were never claimed) and they are two years old. Is it possible to claim those now? "Born Into a Pack" is one of them, would hate to miss out on claiming what I can, if I can.

Thank you!

RE: Profile/Life Points - Adeltra - Jun 10, 2018

On Lyanna’s CP you should be able to select a drop down menu for her size. Instead of pup you’ll select whatever size she’s meant to be, which will fix the pup thing.

Because the threads are two years old you won’t be able to claim anything for them. But I believe you should still be able to claim born into a pack?

RE: Profile/Life Points - Lyanna - Jun 10, 2018

I figured I probably wouldn't be able to claim the LP, thank you for the clarification. Okay, her size is set to "medium," but I don't think I can fix the "Pup/No Rank" thing on my end?

RE: Profile/Life Points - Nineva - Jun 10, 2018

Just post in maintenance about getting her rank cleared. (:

RE: Profile/Life Points - Lyanna - Jun 10, 2018

Okay! <33

RE: Profile/Life Points - Aponi - Jun 10, 2018

Just a note I've deleted your request from maintenance because I've changed her rank. Glad to see you back Allie <3

RE: Profile/Life Points - Lyanna - Jun 10, 2018

Thank you! And it's good to be back, Ghost, I'm glad to see you all here <3