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all over again, - Lance - Aug 25, 2018

lance the stud
but it's just another pretty lie

A stifled yawn, quick to burst from his leathery lips as his gangly legs stretched out in front of him. Once situated, yawn captured and legs capable, he moved forward out of the den. Blue eyes squinting for a second before they adjusted to the morning light outside before venturing further. Tongue smacked within his mouth as he felt disgusted by the morning-mouth he had acquired from last night's slumber. All the same, at least his siblings weren't around to talk about his morning breath. That was embarrassing but theirmissing presence gave him the courage to walk towards his hideaway of miscellaneous items. Feathers, stones, gems... really anything worth keeping around. Going anywhere aside from the pack's inner quarters was not alluring in the least - at least, not yet. So he resorted to finding items when nobody was looking. So far, it seemed to be a good day for it.