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Take me home? - Tulip - Nov 04, 2018

Hiya! :) So Tulip is back and in pretty bad shape, wounded and alone at the start of a bitter winter. Her mind is set on finding her family, especially Moon and Solas. Despite her weakened state she is willing to do anything to get back to them. Where will desperation take her? Will she meet mercy or manipulation? Only one way to find out! She is also potentially carrying some valuable information depending on if the WIP plot is a hit.

Danica is starting to show her age in both mentality and physically, not really sure what sort of threads I want with her but I'm up for ideas! :)

Nia is pretty much her mother's caretaker right now but I would like to push her towards a pack or maybe a band of loners. If anyone is interested in threading with her lmk. I want to really start building all sorts of relations with her. Little bit of this and that, friends, frenemies, enemies, etc.

RE: Take me home? - Vaken - Nov 04, 2018

Hey! Welcome back! My name's Joe :)

I play Vaken and Lae. Lae isn't very useful for plots, she's an old lady in SE who doesn't leave pack borders- but Vaken might be helpful!

Vaken is Moonshadow's nephew. He could help Tulip if you'd like! He's a bit of a stubborn bratty boy, gets along most with chaotic/evil personalities, but it all depends. He could be a friend or enemy depending on the situation! DM me if you have anything in mind <3

RE: Take me home? - Tulip - Nov 04, 2018

If he's related to Moon that'd be awesome! Feel free to hop into her current thread or We could work something out?