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Black Balloon - Inna - Nov 14, 2018


you fill my head with pieces

of a song i can't get out

She'd wandered for so long looking for her son. Inna wasn't sure what to do anymore especially with winter coming. Her worries that Orionis wouldn't make it through the cold months grew with each day. Especially as she stood in the meadow watching the snow fall all around her. Had he sought out shelter? Was he hungry? She'd barely had the chance to teach him to hunt on his own. How could he have survived this long?

The search for Ori had taken its toll on the Raven. She'd grown thin in recent months and her movements not as fast and agile as they once had been. She felt tired all of the time from lack of sleep. She was afraid to close her eyes for fear she'd see his death.

She knew she had to find something to eat though if she was going to stay alive for him. So when she came across the deer carcass she was thankful she she'd found it. At the scent her stomach started growling. It wasn't the first time she'd had to scavenge for food.