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Hawthorne Selwyn - Hawthorne - Jan 08, 2019

.... ooc name: Becca
.... current characters: Laike, Birtie, Kisina, Circe, Abel, Kerberos, Zale
.... how you found us: i guess i kinda do things here
.... your character's initial physique life points: set
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Local? That wasn't the right title for him. Did he linger around this place like a smell that wouldn't fade? Yeah, but he didn't really know anyone here or even know the name of the places he was at. He had no ties to this place (that he was currently aware of). Local was far from his current title and he wasn't afraid to admit it.

With a soft shrug, his Selwyn yellow eyes settled on the new girl's face. "Not local at all. Suppose passing through is one way to put what I'm doin'." He wasn't sure if she'd understand exactly but he hoped she would. She was pretty and often times the pretty girls didn't have a whole lot going on in the mental compartment. Only sometimes, though. He didn't count at all pretty females because sometime's he had been proven wrong with harsh words and a click of their teeth. What rough times to be a Selwyn.

"And you, miss...?" He trailed off in a likely less-than-sly attempt to get her to give up her name first. No one said he was the smoothest Selwyn out there but he was giving it his best effort, which wasn't all that much mentioning it was kind of hard for him to muster up an effort for anything. Regardless - he'd give a little bit of work for her unless she proved unworthy of it.

and finally a bit about your character... Honorary Selwyn is back.

Hawthorne Selwyn - Spirit of Wildwood - Jan 14, 2019


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