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cade on hiatus - Cancer - Feb 09, 2019

eep only place i can post without reactivating? taking the middle ground and going on hiatus. to recap, here is what i would like to be said of my wolves who'll be gone (if it's too late, that's cool i understand, i'll handle any ic repercussions when i inevitably come back):

sven - left to make his first pilgrimage to torbine after informing the pack, esp @Ravenna and @Leotie, bc scully had talked a lot about wanting to go there so maybe that's where the kids took off to.
cancer - vanished without a word even to @Risaela, much less @Jessie or @Laike. blood could have been found back when he first went awol from the pack, but by now there's surely no signs left.
chan - set off to see the world with his parents'/godparent's blessing.
nineva - left the lore to see what lies outside of it with elias and ellery.

i'm keeping slack on my phone so hit me up whenever, feel free to ask me row questions or anything else. c: i'm sure i'll come back eventually, to this or the new??? site!