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time heals all wounds, right? - Nymphnora - May 01, 2019

Nymphnora dragged her crippled leg behind her as she walked, scraping up the grass and dirt wherever she was. It had been so long ago that she had hurt it. Now, it didn't pain her any more than a normal leg would. But it was still crooked and didn't hold her weight. Running, or even walking on it was out of the question until it got better.

If it ever did. The two of them were both silent, engaging in their thoughts. She knew he was thinking some of the same things as her. What if she was going to be one-quarter lame her whole life? What pack would be altruistic enough to take her in? What would happen to Daes? She knew he wouldn't leave her if he had a choice, but if no one would let her in to their pack... Her best friend was big, and would be a great addition to any pack. The Stallion was just an extra mouth to feed who could provide nothing in return. It would be stupid to stay with her. So, her situation led them to two possibilities. One, where the white-streaked boy stayed loyal and they both slowly starved as he was unable to feed them both. Two, he abandoned her, like a smart wolf, and only she died, full of heartbreak and loneliness. Both possibilities were grim.

RE: time heals all wounds, right? - Daesamar - May 01, 2019

The large wolf signed softly to himself as he leads the way through the trees, he hadn’t ever expected his young life to take the turns that it had, things had been rough for the duo throughout the harsh winter. Ever since Nymph had hurt herself things had looked bleak at times, but they pulled through. He wanted to hide behind a mask but his thoughts were drifting in the same direction as the yearlings. What pack would take the two of them in? Logic told him to leave her behind and go off on his own, but he couldn’t, nor would he even if it did mean starvation.

Daesamar paused and glanced over his left shoulder until she caught up, and when she had he leaned down to nudge her cheek before smiling softly “Wanna rest here? I could see about scrounging us up a meal or something.”

Re: - Spirit of Wildwood - May 02, 2019

You discover a half-eaten deer carcass. +5 Health

RE: time heals all wounds, right? - Nymphnora - May 02, 2019

"Sure," Nymphnora couldn't keep a note of resentment from her voice. She wanted to keep moving. But her broken leg was burning from scraping against rough pebbles. She wished it would just stop. Heal, whatever. If someone walked up to her and told her they could gnaw it off, she would immediately say 'just do it'. But she couldn't do it herself. Daesamar would never let her, and anyway, the young yearling knew she would lose her nerve.

Her belly rumbled. "Can I go hunting with you?" she asked, strongly suggesting that he let her. She wasn't going to sit around and wait for him to come back. If he didn't take her, she would probably just go anyway.

RE: time heals all wounds, right? - Daesamar - May 23, 2019

The young adult’s ears perked when his friend spoke, Daesamar’s soft smile turned into a concerned frown that he didn’t try to hide. Of course she’d want to come along. Nymphnora was a strong willed yearling, even if her body was aching, but he couldn’t bring himself to allow it. They both knew that she was a bigger risk when she tried to hunt with him, her crippled leg would be able to be heard before they were ever able to catch sight of any prey.

“Nymph……” He said slowly, trying to figure out how he could say it without hurting her or angering her. “I want you to be able to, but right now it’s not the wisest thing for you to do. The prey will hear you, then we’ll have to spend more energy trying to find something, but if you rest while I go out then I might be able to find something, we could eat and then keep moving.”