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Mother of Dragons - Kyrios - Sep 04, 2021


He wasn’t entirely sure what had driven him up here. He told himself he was simply ceasing the chance to pop across the mountain before winter made it too hazardous. But deep down, he knew there was more to it. If it was simply a case of crossing the ridge, he could have done so in a dozen other places, using clearer and much more travelled paths. Instead, he found himself close to the mountain summit, trekking along the ridge rather than crossing back down, goldenrod eyes scanning the desolate landscape. What he was looking for would not be easy to spot among the various outcrops of cold rock, but he knew he was in the right area, it had to be close.


Why he was looking in the first place, he didn’t know. He wasn’t all that sentimental, especially not about death – in his travels he’d encountered many different believes about spirits and the afterlife, and while he wouldn’t make a judgement on which was true, he was certain that once a wolf died and went to the beyond, what was left behind had no value; Only bones…! No different from the remains of a meal. Graves meant little in his mind, more like waste disposal than anything of emotional value.


And yet, when he finally rounded a corner and spotted the cairn up ahead, a rush of feelings overcame him. There was reverence in his steps as he approached, overcome by the memories of his first visit to this place, so long ago. And yet, as he came to a stop before the tower of stone, he was underwhelmed. In the end, it was as he had thought, just a pile of rocks. There was nothing here to represent the man whose body was buried in the rubble, not even a marker, or any sign proclaiming: Here lies a Dragon!

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RE: Mother of Dragons - Modesto - Sep 07, 2021

She takes a heavy breath, a quiver of uncertainty in it which she ends quickly with the snap of gritted teeth. Modesto Valle had never left the Backwater land of their new home since its founding, had never really a need to. After all, the wonderful life which she had once held was no more and would never be. She was content enough in knowing the majority of her family was here now, including her dear mother, but there was always that nagging memory of what once was...

Scaling the mountain side was no easy feat for her. Though she was of Makenzie blood she had lived the majority of her life on the coast, 'down to earth' as it were. The air here was thinner, crisper, but she hoped that the views might be worth her while. She had been told that the coast could not be seen from the mountains but she was a skeptical and untrusting woman. She had to see (or lack there of) for herself.

Kyrios would not be the only one this day met with disappointment. As the she-wolf crest the ridge, she looked down and around the land below. Endless seas of green, some red earth in the far distance, snaking rivers and creeks towards her new home. A deepened sigh and murmured curse under her lips... The ocean was no where to be seen.

RE: Mother of Dragons - Kyrios - Sep 07, 2021


A heavy sigh fell from the Captain’s mouth, his shoulders sagging as goldenrod eyes drifted down to muddied, ivory paws. His ears fell forwards, limply as he gave his head a slow, dejected shake; Why did I come here…? Slowly, he turned away from the monument, gaze emptily sweeping the horizon, until it landed on a charcoal-pelted figure. Just cresting the summit. Kyrios froze in place, for a moment feeling almost affronted, like the stranger had invaded his privacy. But he shook it off quickly, reasonable enough to realize that she couldn’t possibly have known he was there, or what this place meant to him.


It didn’t even appear like the woman had noticed the other wolf at all, turning around to take in the scenery. Cautiously, the pirate moved a few steps closer, just in time to catch what sounded like a disappointed swear from the stranger. Stopping then, still at a polite distance, he struck up a crooked half smile, drawling in thick sarcasm: “Enjoy’n th’ view lass?” He couldn’t help himself, though, underneath the joke his interest was piqued. He knew many wolves who’d scaled the mountain to catch the panoramic scenery below, himself included, but most had not been so clearly disappointed.

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RE: Mother of Dragons - Modesto - Sep 10, 2021

She could hear footfalls behind her. A bit to late even for as she turned round, he was speaking to her and near. Modesto was most certainly out of her element and the shock of it was clear on her features. She had been interrupted unexpectedly by him and he had been because of her, too.

To hell with the view. She snaps, very obviously uninterested in whatever sarcasm he had laid out for her as the start of their conversation. A hard eye settled upon him. Shorter then her, but a bit larger then her lean frame allowed despite his own legs seeming long and sturdy. His physique made her feel as though he might belong here but his thick accent said otherwise.

Her eyes narrowed on him. Lass? She quipped, You some sort of seafarer? There was a curiousness in her tone then, a recognition moving over her expression.

RE: Mother of Dragons - Kyrios - Sep 17, 2021


Ouch! The dark woman’s tongue lashed out viciously, obviously less than charmed by his attempt to break the ice. Her response was sour, in content as well as tone, confirming his suspicion that she was unimpressed with the vista. Figuring he might have startled the stranger, causing her harsh reply, Kyrios flicked his ears half back, letting his tail fall to his hocks while maintaining a light sway – all to show his lack of aggressive intent.


And indeed, after taking a few moments to calm herself, looking him over thoroughly in the process, she did seem a bit more composed. While she still held an air of mistrust, there was a hint of true curiosity in her question. The Captain quirked a brow, looking back at this unusual lady and taking a moment of his own to study her closer. A good deal taller than himself, but only a tad longer, she came of as tall, even slightly lanky due to her generally more slender frame. Her pelt was an interesting mix of black and grey, the only hint of color in her bright, fiery eyes.


With the lazy smirk returning to his face, Kyrios finally dipped his muzzle to the dame, offering a jovial: “A’ travel wherever th’ wind takes me, love. Though A’ do have a special love fer th’ waves.” He grinned shamelessly, still yet to be deterred by her serious demeanor; “Captain Kyrios Stark, at yer service.”

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RE: Mother of Dragons - Modesto - Sep 19, 2021

His ears turned back, tail falling limp behind him, hurt maybe from her words and not wanting to seem threatening when it was made clear she was not a friendly wolf. Her own stance remained firm, ears erect and tail out stiff behind her. Though she waited for his answer with that same curious eye and his brow rose to meet her.

He speaks on, traveled wherever the winds see it fit to take him. In Modesto's case, wherever she had been stolen and then deposited. Had he willingly come so far from the sea? Idiot. He grinned and her own lips made a tight, unhappy line. Aye, at my service, hmmm? She spoke, her own brow now rising. And where is your crew, Captain? Her head lifts and looks around as though mocking that some of his followers may be hidden around.

RE: Mother of Dragons - Kyrios - Sep 20, 2021


Well she certainly was the serious sort, this dark lady, though he thought he might catch a glint of humor in her eye, her response to his words was court. But as long as he didn’t get his snout bitten off, Kyrios considered himself no worse for wear, keeping up his pleasant smile and laid-back attitude.


His brows only went higher in response to hers, an expectant light in their golden depths as he waited to hear what she might say next. It was, not what he expected; Hargh chopsy! Well played… The pirate snickered, giving a small nod of recognition at her act; So not a complete prude then…


He shrugged his shoulders easily, appearing unconcerned with her putting him on the spot. “A’m sailin’ alone, love. Prefer’t tha’ way, no’n t’ argue th’ course bu’ meself.” He flashed her another grin, the tip of his tail giving a light swish around his hocks; “Ye got a crew of yer own ‘round ‘ere?” She seemed like the type, rigid, traditional; Or have you got more surprises for me?

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RE: Mother of Dragons - Modesto - Oct 31, 2021

It would be expected their personalities would clash, perhaps one day far more then this in the future. After all, he was chaotic and her lawful, he good and her evil. Complete opposites of the spectrum.

Alas, he was caught off guard by her questioning which was clear upon his face and a snicker which came there after.

No one should argue your judgement anyway, if you were a strong and smart Captain. She mused, taking a few arcing steps in front of him. That would be mutiny, of course. And so with her words she revealed further her knowledge of the sea and its code.

And though she were rigid, traditional, just as he so thought and tipped her muzzle up high as she then answered him. My family and I were stolen from our land and left here... where we now have taken new claim around the rivers to the west. She grumbled. I'd of never left the sea so willingly. Another jab at his poor decision making.

I'm Modesto Valle... She then there murmurs, her pumpkin eyes sweeping the view out before her once more with disinterest.

RE: Mother of Dragons - Kyrios - Nov 12, 2021


He had to raise his brows yet again at her candid response, though it followed the line he might have expected. She seemed like the type who regularly gave orders and expected them to be followed, open to neither suggestion nor deliberation; But what do I know? She’d surprised him several times already. Still, he elected not to argue on her point of what a Captain should be, if she hadn’t figured it out already, she would realize soon enough that he wasn’t the type of reputable sailor she was thinking of.


And staying silent proved rewarding, as the dark woman went on to tell quite a tale, making Kyrios tilt his head and flick an ear in interest; So a new pack’s set up down in the Edens…! And not by choice either, if the wolfess was to be believed. She didn’t strike him as the story-telling type, but then, a whole pack being kidnapped and dumped in a foreign land was a bit hard to believe.


Whatever the case, it was clear she wasn’t particularly pleased with the area, longing for open water. Kyrios wrinkled his brows at that, but bowed his head politely as the woman finally offered her name; Modesto… It suited her. “M’pleasure,” he answered, straightening back up to meet her blazing eyes. Then, because he was genuinely puzzled by her unhappiness, he asked earnestly: “Bu’ tell me Modesto, if ye long so badly fer th’ sea, why haven’t ye gone back?”

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RE: Mother of Dragons - Modesto - Nov 22, 2021

Though she had looked out over the region she could see from this height, never did she keep the made out from the corner of her critical gaze. She was a cautious and calculating woman and did not grow to trust easily and carelessly.

Hummm... She said only to his 'pleasure' and dip. Pretty man of blonde and from the Sea, sure, but he was just a stranger, a rogue and not to be trusted. In her mind, she was still the sophisticated council member of a great pack and bloodline. He was just a pirate.

I... A hessistance, a grumble and then a gritting of teeth as her jaw muscle tightened. I don't know where to go. Having not traveled here, only deposited here, how could she? I can't see it from even here. Can't even smell it... I wouldn't know if my direction was bringing me nearer or further. But he had traveled here, hadn't he? Wouldn't he know which direction the ocean was?