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slamming doors - Eros - Oct 15, 2021

Pack Random Event: Dead Empress Backwater, a male elk in rut has taken up residence in your territory -- he's so bold, he's even ready to chase off you and your packmates!
All welcome! Eros is howling for the whole pack to help him hunt/fight! @Viorel @Vayko @Modesto @Andrey @Clover @Vanadis & Hazelnut @Sita & Katna @Xulia @Walleye @Vasco @Archer @Oleander @Marguerite @Violet

Eros had been drinking from the backwater when he heard a deep, breathy snort and the scuffling of a hoof in the dirt. When he turned, his peach eyes rested upon the enraged features of an elk, antlers much sharper than those of a moose. He angled to fully face the muscled beast, paw by paw, while his top lip lifted in a sneering snarl. The growl started deep within his chest, and vibrated his body as it leaked out like venom from fangs.

Nope. He wasn't running this time, and certainly not here, wholly on his turf.

Without lifting his head, Eros howled for his pack, a warbling and throaty battle cry. This thing was dying, as prey should, no matter how much defiance burned in it's eyes.

RE: slamming doors - Archer - Oct 16, 2021

Archer was beginning to grow wary of venturing too far from his brother's side, as much as he enjoyed his own time to learn. He'd heard the tales of Eros battling other animals, and while Archer himself didn't much care for that level of adventure, he did want to make sure his closest sibling didn't get hurt doing it.

Today, he'd risked it again, going out in search of some of those hiding spots his Uncle Vayko had shown him. His mistake was made clear when Eros called, and his message was one of defiance. Ear flattening, Archer turned and ran for his brother. He'd missed the last couple of skirmishes his brother'd found himself in - he wasn't going to miss this one.

It was a good thing. The enemy this time was a bold elk, appearing ready to charge even the young pup. Archer skidded up next to his brother, fur fluffed as his growl joined Eros's. He wasn't much of a fighter, but he knew he wouldn't be able to talk Eros out of this one, and frankly, he didn't want to let prey get away with treating them like this on their land.

Not on his watch.

RE: slamming doors - Sharlee - Oct 17, 2021

It was a leisurely day in Sharlee's opinion. The colder weather was coming which meant that it would be a time of constant work. There were more of them now which meant more mouths to feed when prey was scarce. In the spirit of that the young Valle girl was taking the day to herself to walk through the territory.

Thankfully they'd spent the winter in the backwater last year. It was hard to believe they'd almost been there a year. Those thoughts were interrupted when she heard the call of her nephew. All she could do was wonder what he was calling for so it only made sense that she would go find out. 

When she arrived she found both her nephews and a very large bull elk. "Boys, I don't think staring him down is the best idea," she advised hoping the rest of the pack showed up. There wasn't any way the three of them would be facing it down. 

RE: slamming doors - Viorel - Oct 23, 2021


Only a few days had passed since the encounter Viorel had stumbled upon with the moose and his son. Just enough time that he had been beginning to relax, surely the only run ins they would be having was the bugling elk alone, and the stampeding moose. Lounging atop one of the broken empress trees, the leader had been enjoying a sunbeam, trying to keep the autumn frost at bay.

Then, the sound of his son’s growling swept across the backwater miniature lake. Lifting his ears and eyes with surprise, Viorel could not deny that the sounds didn’t remind him of wrestling, instead it spoke of danger and threat. Abandoning his log instantly, his paws stung as they slapped into the cold water along the shoreline, ignoring the protest that his toes pin pricked about the temperature.

Sharlee beat him there, just as the elk took its first threatening stomp towards his family. Adding his own growl to his sons, Viorel gnashed his teeth in warning, his family would not be threatened in such a way by an animal he ate for breakfast. Salt and pepper hackles rose as the leader slinked forward, shoulders rolling beneath his dark coat as he stepped out in front of his children. Not the tallest wolf in the pack for sure, his frame was sturdy and he knew how to throw that weight around. Snapping his teeth again, he stomped his own paw defiantly.


RE: slamming doors - Vasco - Oct 25, 2021


Vasco was out for a short walk, something he had taken to doing every day, slowly building his strength back up. Now that his cough had finally subsided, and he was back to eating without restriction – though still skinnier than he used to – he was ready to leave his medical isolation to join the rest of the pack. And yet he hadn’t.


Despite having come far from the living dead that had arrived at the Backwater in early summer, he also had a lot of work left to do if he wanted to return to the wolf he had been before this nightmare all started. His fur was still thin and dull – despite the encroaching cold which should have spurred thick growth. And he was still weak, getting tired after just a short, slow walk, as he did now, breathing heavily as he sat down next to one of the dead trees that gave name to the pack.


Closing his eyes, he grimaced, forcing himself to breath slow and deep until his chest stopped burning. He couldn’t face them like this, the other Estuary wolves, his grandchildren! Talking to Sita had been hard enough. But it would seem fate had decided to make that decision for him, as a shaky howl rang out nearby, calling the pack together with an urgency that even the weakly male couldn’t ignore; Is that one of the pups?


Pushing himself back up, Vasco forced himself into a trot, ignoring the protest of his depleted muscles. It took unbearably long, but finally he came upon the scene, eyes sweeping back and forth in horror. A pair of pups, facing off against a rutting bull elk, Viorel stepping defensively in front of them. With a whine of alarm, Vasco rushed forwards to stand next to the children, thinking to form a protective circle wit Sharlee on the opposite side. He briefly glanced over at Viorel, before turning his attention to their adversary, echoing the others’ snarls – though he had to pause frequently to gasp for air. If it came down to a real fight, he knew he would be useless in his current state, but hopefully just by adding to the defenders’ number, he could help intimidate the beast into backing down.


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RE: slamming doors - Eros - Nov 07, 2021

It didn't take long for the pack to begin to fall together, the first at his side of course being his best brother, Archer. Several adults were there in a flash as well, including their father whose presence always gave Eros courage. Aunt Shar's words reached him, but he didn't take them as she intended. No, staring down wasn't the best course of action - tearing into it was.

The bull refused to appear phased. Instead, the surge of others angered him more. The hatred was all but written within his blazing eyes: filthy predators.

Eros clacked his fangs together loudly before a sharp, violent bark exploded from betwixt his jaws like a firecracker. If he knew the words, he'd be vocally responding with them: fuck you.

Like a bullet, the young boy shot forward around the grownups' legs and lunged for the Elk and his gruesome tines, aiming to maul.

RE: slamming doors - Archer - Nov 11, 2021

It didn't take long for the adults to arrive, much to Archer's pleasure. They'd responded to his brother's call! And now they could handle this food that dared challenge them. The bull stamped and snorted, clearly agitated by the sudden appearance of so many predators. It tossed its head, dangerous antlers on full display, and Archer was beginning to question the wisdom of someone his size taking on something like that, but then Eros was charging forward, and no way was the younger Valle boy going to let him go at this alone.

With his own bark - though it might be taken as one of alarm, even if he'd later deny it if asked - Archer was on his brother's heels, trying to knock him to the side so he didn't get stomped on.

RE: slamming doors - Sharlee - Nov 12, 2021

Sharlee was of course ready to take down this elk if it became necessary but she kinda hoped that it wouldn't be. Maybe she should have known better than to come amd get mixed up in whatever Eros had gotten himself into this week. Even still she took up a defensive posture along side Vasco and Viorel who'd also arrived.

However, she didn't get the chance to throw in her own growls or barks to help intimate. Eros was taking care of that himself. All Sharlee could think was how much worse this was going to get. The bull elk wasn't backing down so they would have to do something. 

Eros seemed to think he knew exactly what to do. He took off and Archer was right behind him. These two were going to get themselves killed one day. With a huff Sharlee was off after the boys. She didn't want to be far in case something really bad happened akd they needed help. Surely she'd probably have to bite something

RE: slamming doors - Viorel - Nov 29, 2021


Things could never just be simple in the Backwater could they? The elk did not seem to be phased by the appearance of the three adult wolves, if anything it seemed to irritate it further. Viorel was going to suggest that Vasco in his weaker state try to usher the pups away to safety while Sharlee and he tried to scare it closer to the borders. But, his children seemed to have other ideas.

It would seem that Archer and Eros had not learned how dangerous hunting was, even after the failed first hunting lesson.

Sharlee was off after them, and Viorel was hot on their heels. The children were too large now to be protected under his legs or dragged backwards, and their charge angered the elk further. The beast snorted and tossed it’s rack in warning once, before stomping its hooves and retaliating, coming closer towards them in an effort to close the gap.

The father’s blood pumped loudly in his ears, ”Boys, RUN." There was no way they could take this on and they were ahead of them. Viorel leapt forward throwing his body onto whichever child he could, trying to protect them using his own mass if that’s what it came down to.


RE: slamming doors - Vasco - Dec 01, 2021

@Eros @Archer leaving it open here for you guys to play as you like, but assume Vasco is going for the opposite of Viorel, so they're both protected. <3


This was no young buck testing the limits of his intimidation power, but a full-grown monster, intent on taking the fight to the hunters’ turf; and he was not backing down at the sight of the three adults joining the youngsters. Vasco was just starting to dread that this couldn’t be handled with intimidation alone, when the kids decided to force the situation.


The pale man stared in disbelieve as both boys slipped out of the protective circle and charged the bull, followed swiftly by Sharlee and their father. As Viorel shouted his command, Vasco was still frozen in shock, his mind running in circles as he tried to analyze the situation. He was still weak as a pup, couldn’t even go for a walk without getting winded, and even scrawnier than he used to be – he’d hoped to at least shield the kids, never expecting they’d throw themselves right at the beast’s prongs.


Grinding his teeth, Vasco watched Viorel throw himself in front of one of the boys, his heart jumping into his throat with fear. Screw it! With a snarl, the gangly man leapt forwards, pushing himself to his utmost to get to the youngsters, aiming his – admittedly inconsequential – weight shoulder first at one flank, hoping to push the youth aside, out of harms way, and once again put himself between the pup and the Elk.


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