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When Scat Hits The Fan - Nash - Oct 17, 2021

Pack RE: Due to a territorial dispute, a cougar has entered your territory.
Please let Chan post first. Second round begins 10/30
@Chan @Aleister @Aquene @Siyet @Jethro @Mavis @Moonshadow @Landen @Noriaki @Flair @Daesamir

This was very, very, concerning. Nash had been patrolling the borders - shocking, he was sure - when he came across the pungent scent of feline. It had pulled him up short, and Nash had paced back and forth across the border to make sure it wasn't just wafting in, or that the cat hadn't simply wandered up to the border, smelled the markers, and left.

No such luck. It had entered their land.

His heart immediately jumped into his throat, thinking of Aquene, the puppies, his own aging mother. Instead of calling for backup, Nash began following the trail. he needed to be sure. If he sent out the alert that they had a cougar in the territory and it had already left, he'd be causing undue panic. That was something none of them needed - especially the mothers, who were already having to fuss over increasingly adventurous pups.

A few paw prints were pressed into the soft earth, and Nash found a tuft of fur stuck in the branches of a firm shrub. His nose wrinkled. He did not like this at all.

Finally, when he came upon one of their caches, dug up and looted, he knew there was no other choice. The cougar was inside, and it didn't seem to be leaving any time soon. Before he could call, however, he caught sight of a familiar agouti man headed his way. "Chan," he called, simultaneously hoping his woof carried and trying to stay hushed. If the cougar was close, he didn't want to bring it down on them. It seemed his brother heard him, however, as Chan joined him.

Nash indicated the raided caches. "We've got trouble," he said. "Smelled it at the border, followed it in to see if it left on its own. I don't think it's going to."

RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Chan - Oct 25, 2021

Chan approached his brother and the uprooted stores, nose twisting at the scent of cat. He tried not to develop biases against other animals, as he liked to think they weren't all that different from wolves. There were some creatures that his instincts would not allow him to forgive, however. Coyotes topped the list, and large, lethal cats followed them up closely. Especially given they had youth to care for, there was no room here for a rival predator.

He lowered his nose to the ground and sifted through the ruin as Nash spoke.

"I've caught traces of it elsewhere too," he conferred, and was certain other members of the pack had begun to notice little things off here and there too. The investigations of their guardian all but confirmed Chan's worry.

"I think it's set up camp."

There had to be a den somewhere that it was going to, hidden away somewhere their pack mates didn't normally travel. He sighed, and looked up toward the staggering peak of Mt. Dire.

"Wonder if they're overpopulating..."

RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Moonshadow - Nov 12, 2021


I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Moonshadow had smelled the feline along the borders before and was doing her best to keep tabs on it as she did her border runs. Though the scent had never crossed the border so the aging Eastfall woman hadn't gone looking. She kept tabs on the scent noting where she came across it and how strong it had been. Once again the scent crossed her path, causing her hackles to raise and stand on end. A small growl bubbled in her chest. It quickly subsided when the voiced of her boys reached her ears. Her silver dusted tail waved behind her as she made her way towards them. As they came into view she let out a woof in greeting. She caught the tail end of Chan's wondering. Mercury followed mismatched up to the mountain peak. She let out a sigh as she realized the scent was now over the border. "Whatever it is, its not good." The mother added looking to her eldest then to her middle child.

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RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Flair - Nov 14, 2021


The fiery woman was heading for the cache in question, a fat marmot clutched between her jowls. She’d been diligently stocking up the stores for the winter, taking advantage of the critters having fattened up for their coming hibernation. Like the others, she had noticed the cougar scent around the borders, but didn’t pay it too much attention – it wasn’t unusual for other predators to stalk around looking for scrabs. She only made sure to head away from the trail, to avoid crossing paths with the cat.

She wasn’t expecting to find a group gathered around the cache when she arrived, and she certainly wasn’t expecting to see the previously full cache dug up and emptied. Tail rising high in irritation, she came to a stop beside the others, her prey dropping to the ground. The stench of cougar hit her before she could ask any questions, making her nose wrinkle and lips curl back from her teeth. Looking around the group, her flaming gaze settled on Chan, a growl in her voice as she declared: “Time t’ teach this cat some manners!”

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RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Nash - Dec 14, 2021

Well this is way past when I said round two would start... sorry all. Since this is mostly just to acknowledge it's here anyway I'll let @Chan take the lead :)

The Eastfall matriarch and Flair weren't long in joining the brothers, each agreeing with the assessment that the cat was in the territory, it was a bad thing, and they needed to do something about it. Nash nodded and looked to his brother. "I haven't seen anything in the central territory to suggest a densite," he said, "But if it just got here that doesn't necessarily mean anything." He sniffed the air and glanced down at the raided cache again, stomach twisting. "Flair's right; we've got to do something."

The thought of the pups out wandering, unaware of the danger, getting snatched up by a hungry feline, made his fur rise. The idea that it might sneak up on a sick pack member during the winter, catch one of them alone and unaware, chilled his blood. He was the pack guardian. Something needed to be done, and soon.

RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Chan - Dec 15, 2021

Their mother and Flair were not far behind Chan, each drawn by the desecration and incriminating scent. Chan nodded along to both of their input, mismatched gaze lowering to the pirated stash once more. Hunting the offender down relentlessly and then killing it would be the most certain end to the problem they could devise, but the interim alpha had many reservations about taking such a path. He took a moment to think, pondering how to handle the issue humanely without sacrificing anyone's safety.

"Agreed," he rumbled in response to Nash's desire to address the situation.

"Mom, can you please find @Aquene and Kip? Make sure they know, and we'll all need to start keeping closer tabs on the kids, immediately. Nash, Flair; stick together and start searching the woods to the West. We need to drive it out, and the best way to do that is to find where it denned and destroy it. We don't want to engage it; the wounds won't be worth it, alright?"

Of course, he didn't expect them to run with their tails between their legs if they saw the feline. The pack wouldn't be cowed, but he also didn't want them to be foolish, even if bravely so. They just had to make the lake inhospitable for it, just as it's family likely had another region of the mountain range.

"I'll find @Aleister and start looking South."

RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Moonshadow - Jan 31, 2022


I think I need help, cuz I'm drowning in myself

Shortly after joining her sons the Eastfall's were joined by the firey Flair. Moon gave the other woman a nod of her head and wag of her dark banner. Normally she would greet her with a warm smile however, this was not under normal circumstances unfortunately. The inky mother nodded in fierce agreement with the firey one's notion to teach the feline a lesson. Silver dusted ears pressed forwards as Chan addressed her, asking her to find the other mothers so that they can all keep an eye on the kids and inform them of the dangers.  He then told Nash and Flair to search the west woods, stating that the best way to chase it out is to destroy its den. "I will" She replied once his instructions were given. Moon turned to go find Kip and Aquene. "Y'all be careful" she told the three of them with worry in her gaze for all of them. With that she turned and made her way back into the territory to seek out the other mothers. 

-Moons exit-

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RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Flair - Feb 04, 2022


The two dark wolves were quick to agree with her, Nash clearly feeling especially insulted, as pack guardian; Makes two of us! A lot of the meat in that cache had been brought in by her, and it was not intended for thieving felines!


Chan took a bit longer, perhaps in order to actually make a plan of action. Flair had been ready to go charging into the woods with no more thought, although that probably wasn’t as effective. So she listened, nodding her head at his instructions, letting out a determined snort at the end. Again, she wanted to put an end to the beast here and now, but what he said made sense, if they could chase it off without bloodshed, it would be better for all involved.


Looking over at her guardian partner, Flair smiled fiercely, flicking her muzzle towards the trees; “Come on big guy, let’s hunt!” The sooner they got going, the sooner they’d be rid of their intruder.

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RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Nash - Feb 07, 2022

Last round!


Chan was their stand-in leader for a reason; he took the time to think of a plan rather than surging off in different directions without aim. When he shared, Nash nodded along with him. As usual, it was a good plan. Relief crashed over the younger Eastfall with the assignments; he and Flair could handle themselves, as could his brother and Al. It was good that their mom was going to find the younger mothers and warn them; she would be safer. Not that Nash doubted her ability; he just worried.

He was just turning to Flair when she beckoned him on and he flashed her a grin. Big guy? He couldn't help a small snort. "Let's get this bastard," he said, taking off into the western part of the territory. Wherever this thing was, they were going to find it, and they were going to make it leave.


RE: When Scat Hits The Fan - Chan - Feb 10, 2022

The wolves dispersed quickly, eager to effect the solution to such a dangerous problem. He watched them, Moon heading swiftly toward the pack land's heart while Flair and Nash set off to prowl the west, jostling with sibling-like camaraderie. He took a breath, and released it. This was alright, they were a strong pack, they could handle this just fine.

For a few moments, he grappled with the desire to withhold any kind of head start for their rival, but ultimately dismissed it as trivial. Chan tipped back his head and sent out a howl to all who were home within the Cove. It warned of danger, and beckoned @Aleister to meet with him in the East. Satisfied he was doing all that he could, Chan then set off to meet with the other man and execute his part to track down the cougar.