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so put your best face on everybody - Chan - Dec 26, 2021

Random Event: You smell something undeniably sweet wafting through the trees, you can't quite place what it is but it reminds you of being a pup at home. How nostalgic!
For @Oksana!

Night was fading, the sun's light reaching farther than it's circular form to begin its work banishing the dark before it had even risen into view. Chan was starting to tire, his internal clock telling his body that it was time to seek shelter and rest. The problem was, he was never comfortable taking long stretches of rest, not with the responsibility on his shoulders. He'd push on a bit longer, take a power nap, and then power through another stretch under the day's yellow beams.

It left him accessible to those that needed him. He walked the lake's shore, their cove visible over a stretch of water. It was a beautiful sight as the deep purple of the night gave way to burning magenta, tinting the glittering surface as it did the clouds above. A view he'd seen over and over again, but still beautiful in every right. It was then while he was enjoying the display that a scent struck recognition within his brain, sweet and tantalizing; it immediately sent him back to puphood, to a time long in the past and therefor unreachable.

And still he could not place it.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Oksana - Dec 27, 2021

She always tried to get up before the sun woke from its sleepy dreams. There was always a lot to do in her mind. Patrols and hunting and Oksana was one that took her responsibilities seriously. Even from when she was a pup though much of her puphood had been spent under the watchful eye of Lachesis while she'd recovered she'd not forgotten the drive to do her best.

It was a cold morning which wasn't being kind to the old injury. Her black form limped through the forest as she made her way carefully to the lake. A whole night without a drink made her quite thirsty in the morning. As she drew closer it found her...or she'd found it? A scent that was recognizable, something from when she was young? Oksana couldn't help but follow it through the trees until she reached the rocky shore of the lake. Her nose was in the air as she limped down on to the rocks amd out of the corner or her eye she spotted Chan. "Do you smell that?" She asked across the distance between them.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Chan - Dec 30, 2021

Chan continued to sample the scent, nose lifted up to catch less of what was directly at his paws and more of what the wind was bringing to him. He didn't notice Oksana arriving further down the shore until she spoke, ears flicking and mismatched gaze looking her way. He smiled, tail picking up to wag happily.

"I do," he answered with a single nod, "know what it is, by chance?"

He remembered being alone, looking for adventure and nowhere near the lake shore... and then what? The second piece was missing.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Oksana - Dec 30, 2021

It was rather intriguing that she should smell the scent there at the lake. Especially since it was a scent that she was sure she hadn't smelled since she was a pup. Oksana lifted her nose to the air, nostrils flared as she tried to get a bigger whiff of the scent in hopes she might identify it. When she saw Chan and that he seemed to be sniffing the air too she thought Maybe he could help her figure it out.

He confirmed that he smelled it too but then asked if she knew what it was. Oksana shook her head. "No, I can't place it but I'm certain I've smelled it before when I was a pup in Kingfall." She was sure that was where it had been that she'd first encountered it.

A thought occurred to her, "Have you smelled it before?"

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Chan - Jan 02, 2022

"In Kingsfall, huh?" he murmured, continuing to scan his memory banks for clues if not outright answers. Maybe he was misremembering, maybe it was something he'd come across when he'd been lost in the East? Had he really gone that far North?

"I have, but... I can't really remember for sure where or when just, I know it was a long time ago now."

Was it something rare, something that didn't belong on the mountain and somehow was brought here? Chan wanted to follow it, but was tentative about stepping out onto the frozen lake. It could be a long trek, and he wasn't the best at crossing ice to begin with.

"Weird, how fuzzy memories can get, huh?"

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Oksana - Jan 04, 2022

"Yep, didn't I tell you?" She spoke as she continued to try and think of where she'd come across the scent. At first she considered it might be a plant that grew in both places but quickly ruled that out since it was winter.

"Same here. I'm wondering if it was here in the lore or maybe during my travels with my mother?" She tried to think back to that time. To all the different things that she'd seen and possibly smelled.

"It is weird but I suppose natural at the same time." Frankly she didn't like the fact that she couldn't remember. She didn't want to forget.

"Maybe if we think of what it might be associated with we could figure it out?" She suggested letting her orange gaze fall on the cove leader.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Chan - Jan 04, 2022

"Yeah, I remember," he answered with a small smile, settling down upon his haunches to listen as she continued her musings. The scattered details he held onto, happy to learn more about the mildly mysterious raven-furred wolf.

Her suggestion earned an affirmative bob of his head.

"Where'd you and your mom travel?" he asked curiously, a way of offering for her to start in the sharing. Had it been just around the Lore, or had they ventured outside? Regardless of which, maybe something would sound familiar.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Oksana - Jan 05, 2022

So she had told him of her birth place. Oksana thought she'd told the alpha where she'd been born. A new thought occurred to her in their search for the mysterious scent, "Have you been there? Cause if so then that would be a place we had both been where we could have smelled it." It was a long shot but maybe there was some sort of connection.

She smiled when he agreed with her thought of trying to associate it. Now came the task of doing just that. She was surprised by his next question though.

"Oh, well before the coyotes we ventured all over the lore. You know about the lake and we went to the place called sacred Grove and she had especially wanted to show me blueberry fields. After we traveled outside of the lore to all kinds of places," she explained before something else popped into her mind.

"I did live in Driftwood Surge for some time before traveling with my mom. Don't know if you knew about that pack but they lived by Turtleback."

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Chan - Jan 09, 2022

It was all familiar in one way or another, until she mentioned a pack named Driftwood Surge. Chan shook his head and shrugged his shoulders to say no, he didn't know of them. He imagined Turtleback had been a beautiful place to live, however.

"Well, when I was a kid I went off 'adventuring' and got myself lost in the East. I definitely remember redwoods. It... might have been there?" His muzzle wrinkled gently with thought.

"I think I've spent more time outside of the Lore than inside, but not when I was that young."

It was likely within the forests surrounding the mountain, and not necessarily Oksana's Kingsfall if she'd also ventured all over the map.

RE: so put your best face on everybody - Oksana - Jan 09, 2022

She wasn't sure if she should be surprised or not that Chan hadn't heard of her last pack. It had been ages ago and on top of that it wasn't too long after they'd been established that the coyotes came. Still this was becoming quite the mystery.

He spoke about becoming lost in the east but he mentioned redwoods. "Hearthwood River is in the north but maybe it had something to do with the trees?" She suggested, "Kingsfall was full of Redwoods."

Oksana smiled at what he said next. "It kind of feels the same for me. My mother took me from the lore when I was still young but like you I was still in the lore when I was really young." She couldn't really remember how old she was when things happened but she remembered the events.