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Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! {M} - Nash - Jan 10, 2022

RE: Sanguine Cove, a lynx has been driven to desperation by the cold, and is raiding your caches. Calling all adults! @Jethro @Aleister @Oksana @Siyet @Aquene @Flair @Kajika @Moonshadow


Being gone had been nerve-wracking for many reasons, the first and foremost being the most obvious: Kateri being missing. Aquene being a wreck. Leaving the territory mostly unguarded prickled at him, but Nash had been able to ignore it while they were gone. Finding Kateri was their number one priority. Now they were back, and it seemed things were none the worse for the wear. Everything was okay.

And then, on his patrol, he found the scent. Nash's hackles immediately went up and his lips peeled back. Another one. A low snarl rippled from his throat as he immediately began following the trail. The pawprints were clear in the snow; it wasn't far ahead. He saw it through the barren underbrush, digging into their cache. The cache they had worked hard to fill and defend. The cache meant for their pups. Nash threw back his head and howled for other adults. They would take care of this here and now.  The lynx reacted to the call immediately, spinning in place and fluffing up, spitting at him. A growl rumbling in his throat, Nash advanced. He knew his pack would soon be there to have his back.


RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Siyet - Jan 10, 2022

Siyet heard a familiar call. That was the call of Nash, and it seemed very important. In her hobbled state she trotted to where she heard the call. She first saw Nash, near the caches and was curious. Then she saw the cat, she had stopped about 7 feet behind Nash. She was in no state to fight, but if it was to protect the food she had injured herself for, she would do what needed to be done. She puffed up her hackles, and emitted a low grumble to try and help drive the cat away. Hopefully it was flee now that there were more than one of us.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Oksana - Jan 10, 2022

Oksana was no stranger to the type of call she heard ringing through the forest. It was Nash's voice this time and it was very urgent. The Crow was quick to answer not wanting to waste any time. What if another one of the children had gone missing. Maybe it was something else. Whatever it was the Baranski woman wanted to do her part just as she'd always done in the past.

The memory of the time there'd been a bear in Driftwood. She and Lachesis had a big fight over that one. He of course had won cause how could she help fight a bear when she was still recovering.

That memory pushed her forward as she made her way to where Nash was. She expected him to be waiting but she was very, very wrong. He and Siyet were facing down a lynx. There wasn't any time to get orders instead she dove right into it. Going around behind she tried to bite at its flank.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Jethro - Jan 11, 2022

Winter had indeed brought trouble to the Cove. The misfortune never quite seemed to be vanquished, either, but at least not everything had been hitting them at the same time. It was perhaps a bit concerning to Jet, that he was not too surprised to hear another call for help. The dark one was quick to change his course, setting himself on a pace just below a sprint to head towards the call. Something had captured Nash’s attention, it seemed, and that was something to be concerned about.

It was not terribly hard to piece together what was happening, the closer he got to the scene. The forms of three of his packmates were already there, and along with them a lynx that had.. probably been getting into their food. Considering he’d not been a part of the group that chased down the cougar before, Jet was glad to have this opportunity, now.

One of them was already going at it, too. Eager as he was for the opportunity to join in, Jet opted to forgo that for a moment, to angle his approach to flank the lynx from the side that Nash and their other packmate couldn’t cover, to restrict its movement and ability to escape. He wasn’t sure if their intent was to chase it away or kill it, but it certainly seemed like the latter. Food was all too precious in these colder months. They couldn’t have a threat such as this continuing to linger.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Aleister - Jan 15, 2022


Hearing the call from Nash, the new leader didn't waste any time answering his guardian as he answered his call with a howl of his own to inform him he was on his way to take care of this threat to the pack and his family. However, he was not the first upon the scene. The forms of Siyet, Jethro and Sana were already there assisting the dutiful guardian in dispatching this new threat. A lynx this time was once stealing from their caches, threatening the lives of his children and packmates.

Protectively moving to Sana's side, he helped at the flank to either drive or kill the lynx where it stood. "If we can kill it, do it, but do not risk too much," he ordered as he growled and aim to grab purchase of the feline's rear leg. Aleister did not want any more of them injured, especially with it being the dead of winter. Aquene had enough on her plate already, so if it was safer to drive it away and work to keep it away, the alpha would rather have that.


RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Nash - Jan 15, 2022

Next round begins after 1/20! No posting order.

Nash was please to have four pack members as his side so quickly, and so fluidly falling into a strong formation. The cat was all but surrounded now; there was nowhere for it to go. The feline was whirling, trying to pick a target, but the sound of Aleister's voice as he took command seemed to make up its mind and it began to spin toward him. Nash let out a sharp bark and surged forward, snapping at its flanks and demanding its attention so the leader could gain purchase on his target.

The lynx spun around to swipe a paw at his face when his teeth tugged at its pelt, but Nash had learned from the cougar and had already danced back out of range. "It's fast!" he warned, even though the others could probably see that for themselves. He kept up his weaving and stance, hoping to keep its attention primarily on him and allow his packmates a safe chance to strike.


RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Siyet - Jan 15, 2022

With Siyet's shoulder still hurting, she didn't want direct confrontation with the cat. So she moved to its side to try and block of an escape route. Hoping that this would work, while it's focus was on Nash. She gave the opportunity for one of the other, bigger wolves to strike it at.

She growled and tipped at it, hoping to distract the cat long enough for someone else to strike.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Oksana - Jan 15, 2022

After she arrived they were also joined by Jethro. Oksana had seen him appear out of the corner of her eye as she assaulted the cats rear flank. The lynx was fierce but between the four of them she had no doubt that they would be rid of its thievery in no time. They received more help in the form of Aleister arriving in the scene. Oksana saw him too until he moved out of her line of sight.

That didn't matter because she soon felt him at her side attacking the cat on the same flank. They were all around it, surely it had to know that this woukd go badly for it. Apparently not because in a moment after Aleister had spoken it turned on him. Then she heard Nash bark and comment on its speed.

Oksana renewed her efforts grabbing a chunk of the Lynx's flanking and ripping the flesh there.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Jethro - Jan 16, 2022

Another familiar man whose name Jet forgot for the moment appeared shortly after, backing up the woman who’d made the first move. He proposed that they kill it, but not if it was too great a risk. That made sense.

With so many of them, the lynx struggled to pick a target, though Nash seemed to be trying to draw the cat’s attention to allow the other two to strike. Noting that Siyet was staying back, Jethro stalked forth to assist his packmates. The other two had gone for the cat’s flank and rear limb on one side, leaving him free to target a shoulder on the other.

His jaws met and ripped at its flesh, but not for long. The cat was fast, and perhaps deciding it was easier to face him alone on one flank than the other two, issued a retaliatory swipe. Jet turned his head and danced back in time to avoid a claw to the face, but not quickly enough to completely avoid a pair of cuts on his shoulder. Warmth trickled from the wounds, and he swore he could see a few minuscule droplets of his blood hanging in the air, for a moment.

”Fucker,” he growled. Though it was a minor injury in comparison to some he’d sustained, certainly not debilitating, that didn’t stop it stinging like hell. It could be tended to later, though. For now, his focus remained solely on the lynx, tail lashing with irritation while awaiting either another opportunity to strike or for the cat to retreat.

RE: Again?! Freaking AGAIN?!?! - Aleister - Jan 17, 2022


Just as he was about to garb purchase of the feline's hindleg, it swung around at the sound of his voice and swatted at the leader defensively. The Vuesain was quick enough to dodge the dagger like claws and it was then that the Eastfall guardian omitted a distraction to get it to move back towards the opposite direction. Just as Oksana leapt forward to grab a piece of the lynx, so did Aleister.

With his lips bloodied, he waited to see where his next opportunity would be as Jethro lunged at the beast, though this time it lashed back and drew blood against the pack. Giving another snarl, the agouti leader took the open opportunity and lunged to deliver a crushing grab against the feline's hindleg. Though, this time the Vuesain was not fast enough to get away from the claws the lynx wielded. Swatting out towards him, the Lynx tried to defend itself, but was only able to catch a piece of his cheek as he was leaping away. Growling in frustration, he knew that one was going to leave a mark as the metallic smell of his own blood filled his nostrils.