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A Lucky Day for me - Siyet - Jan 10, 2022

Star RE You find the untouched carcass of a moose, its throat the only thing torn open and no other scents around. Not even scavengers have caught on to this feast yet - it's all yours!

Siyet drooled. The it was, a fully intact moose carcass. She was excited, she was hungry and this was a good opportunity to fill her belly. She looked around, she had always preferred to dine in the company of others. This carcass may not be here by the time she found a friend to join her. Besides, her sore shoulder meant she didn't want to move around more than necessary. She stepped over towards the prize and gave it a good sniff. Oh yeah, she was going to enjoy this.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Kajika - Jan 10, 2022

The scent had hit him during one of his walks. Kajika hadn't expected to catch the scent of a moose in the area. He always thought the mountain was difficult terrain for them. No mater he followed the scent anyway to find the creatures carcass laying there in the snow. At least they wouldn't have to hunt it. There was another wolf there, Soyet. He remembered her name from when Kateri went missing.

It was rather obvious that she hadn't taken the moose down by herself. However there weren't any other tracks around it. That was strange but he didn't approach any further just rhen. "Hello Siyet, I see you've found quite a prize here," commented the older man.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Siyet - Jan 10, 2022

Siyet was surprised to have had someone find her and the moose she had run across. It was also someone she wasn't super acquainted with. That was okay, she recognized him as someone from the pack from when one of the pups went missing. She was happy to have some company and to become familiar with someone new to her.

"Oh yes, hello there. I was surprised to find this too! I mean..I definitely can't deal with it all by myself so please, join me. "

She flashed a smile to him, showing her good intentions to the elder gentleman.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Kajika - Jan 10, 2022

The dark man approached the moose cautiously when the young woman asked him to her. He didn't immediately dig in as he might with the fresh kill of a pack. It was already odd to him that the only prints that seemed to be there were hers.

"Thank you," he offered upon his approach, "Do you find anything odd about this moose?" He asked wondering what her opinion was.

Things became even stranger for the man when he realized the only mark on it was at the throat. That was the only damage to the carcass.

This left the Tallis man feeling very suspicious of the whole thing. Perhaps he was overreacting and they should drag the thing back to the pack. Maybe not but he wanted to be sure it was safe first.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Siyet - Jan 10, 2022

The elder man had mentioned about there being something odd about the moose. She looked it over again and still only noticed the throat taken out. She thought for a minute and tried to guess why it would be like this, and had just been left.

"Well, my only thought is if there was another thing able to take it down, maybe this moose was lame. Not able to walk properly or anything. Or old perhaps. Maybe the killer was driven off, or just not able to take it back somewhere it felt safe eating it while being so close to us. I'm honestly not too sure."

She looked at the man questioningly, wanting to hear his thoughts. After all he definitely seemed to have more experience than her. Maybe there was a side to this she couldn't see that he could.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Kajika - Jan 13, 2022

Kajika had taken to sniffing the snow around the carcass and the moose for any other scents. All the while keeping an ear in Siyet's direction to hear what she was telling him. His amber gaze finally came to rest on the young woman as she finished speaking.

"All of that does make sense," he commented, "Except for the fact that it seems our prints are the only ones around the area. Did you smell anyone or anything else when you came upon it?" He asked her with a curious tilt of his head.

It seemed they had quite the mystery on their paws. He didn't want to bring any meat back to the pack unless he knew that it was safe. Especially not with four pups there.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Siyet - Jan 13, 2022

The man pointed out the lack of other prints, and also asked about other possible scents as Siyet found the carcass. Siyet didn't smell anything that raised any alarms.

"The print situation is definitely odd... I honestly have no clue about it. As for smells, there was nothing that raised any suspicion to me. Other than the smell of a dead moose."

She hoped her sly attempt at a joke would upset the man.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Kajika - Jan 14, 2022

By now Kajika had sat back on his haunches having not found anything that could help. His amber gaze landed on the pale woman as she spoke telling him her opinion and the lack of scents around the body of the moose. "Its all very peculiar if you ask me." His comment was matter-of-fact with a note of worry.

"Its just that if another wolf or group of wolves had taken the moose down there would be tracks and scents. Even a bear or cougar, there would be more but there's nothing. Do you think we should be worried about this?" He asked Siyet wanting her honest opinion.

"Maybe we should bring in some of the others, ask their opinions too. What do you think?"

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Siyet - Jan 17, 2022

The elder wolf's concern made Siyet uneasy. Maybe it was best to get some opinions of others to see.

"What if we got @Aquene to take a look? Her being out healer and all she could see if there was any funny business regarding the moose's death, and if there are any other issues. What do you think?"

Siyet was worried that there may be something wrong with it. It would be such a shame for a large bounty like this to go to waste.

RE: A Lucky Day for me - Kajika - Jan 18, 2022

Kajika was wanted to know Siyets thoughts on the matter of the moose. He was sure that together they could figure out the best course of action. A smile crossed her features at her suggestion to ask Aquene to look the moose over. Heck, for all he knew he was overreacting but even still it seemed to have gotten the younger woman thinking.

"I think that is an excellent idea. If anyone can tells is she can. She's a good healer so I think she will be able to note anything wrong with the carcass."

It seemed they had come to an agreement. They'd even come up with a good course of action. The older man smiled. "Would you like to do the honors?" It was only fair that she get to call for the healer since she'd suggested it.