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Adopt a Halex! - Flair - Jan 14, 2022



Welcome to the Halex adoption central, your one stop shop for all things Halex family related. Are you interested in joining the clan, or simply curious about their background? In either case read on!

South of Relic Lore, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, lies Conifer Hills pack, home of the Halex family. Founded by Nellie and Cristo Halex and now led by their grandson Cortes and his mate Osa, the pack has grown swiftly and now numbers almost thirty individuals: Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Uncles and Aunts. They’re a tightknit community and rarely welcome strangers into their ranks, valuing loyalty and hard work above all else. To anyone who carries their weight and obey the leaders they are generous and kind, but they have only little patience for the lazy, the weak and the adventurous.


Look below for any current adoptables and/or plots!

The Spunky Sister and The Suave Stranger

  As spring approaches, a dynamic duo is preparing to enter the Lore. Last winter, a wandering stranger spent the coldest months with the Halex Family, recovering from a serious injury. During this time, he developed an especially close friendship with one of the leaders’ daughters:


Alias: Torie

Age: 4 years

Physique: Small

First born in the 5th and last litter to the former leaders, Vittoria always felt expendable. Her older siblings already had everything covered for the next generation, and her and her littermates were often overlooked or even told to get out of the way by the others. On top of that, the rigid structure of pack life never much suited the bubbly girl, she didn’t feel drawn to any particular role, and preferred to spend her days playing, daydreaming or exploring outside the borders.

After turning one, she helped look after her new nieces and nephews, finding some purpose in caring for the pups, especially teaching games and telling stories. But still, there was always a part of her that longed for more, especially after her brother Vasco left to seek his own luck. And now, with the company of a seasoned traveler, she is finally ready to take on the world.

Check out Vittoria’s Profile for some more information on appearance and personality*
Her travel companion** Gale will be played by yours truly!

*These are all guidelines only and I am very open to hear your ideas!
**There are no strings attached to this plot! The only requirement is that they’ll enter together – and obviously be good enough friends to have travelled like that for about a year – how the relationship develops will be entirely up to the player and any IC events. I am not against romance, but it is NOT a requirement!

If you're interested in adopting, or have any questions either post below or Send me a PM and I will answer ASAP


RE: Adopt a Halex! - Flair - Jan 14, 2022

*claimed for future use*