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wake up and i go go - Marigold - Mar 27, 2023

Heads up to PF leadership @Jethro @Flair.

She could already smell Auburn, and what instinct told her was the scent of her father as well. Mar approached the markers and sifted through them, taking in as much information as she could before deciding to call out. This was it, the moment she'd been dreading for years now.

The young woman squared her shoulders and lifted her head, taking control of her demeanor and thoughts before drawing attention to herself. Ensuring that she was ready to maintain her dignity no matter what was waiting for her on the other side of this invisible border. It took only moments and then she was ready. Marigold tipped back her head and howled, requesting to meet with this group's leadership.

RE: wake up and i go go - Flair - Apr 10, 2023


It had been just one, precious week, and while her heat had abated, the fiery woman still dared not hope. Her body was giving off all the signs, but she knew bitterly how quickly that could all change and until she could look upon them, calmly nursing at her side, she wouldn’t truly believe it.

For now she had restricted herself to duties with the pack lands, going no further than the borders, and even that never for long unless Chan or Jethro was with her. So when she first heard the call, she hesitated, a twinge of anxiety clenching her heart. She didn’t recognize the voice, but whether that was a good thing or not, she couldn’t decide – was there some other old demon out there that she had forgotten, coming back to haunt her at her most vulnerable? Or was she just growing paranoid?

A soft growl left her throat as she shook her head violently, forcing her legs to start moving again. She couldn’t let anxiety freeze her up, she still had duties, a whole pack to care for, not just her own family. Mouth set with determination, she turned towards the border, tail raised high behind her. She was still plenty capable of defending herself, should it come to that, but the young blonde waiting for her didn’t appear all that threatening. “Welcome t’ Paradise Falls,” she announced, a little sharper than necessary, but not entirely unfriendly; “How can I help you?”

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RE: wake up and i go go - Jethro - Apr 12, 2023

Calls at the borders were becoming more common, which was something Jet somehow managed to feel both excited about and a little weary of. Excited at the possibility of meeting strangers; new faces. But weary of what they might bring to the little piece of isolated land he’d hoped this group could survive in and carve a brighter future out of.

However, as one of the leaders, it was also part of his job to answer. Unfortunately, today, he was further away than he would’ve liked from the newcomer. While he was quick to turn about and head off in that direction, it’d taken Jet longer than he liked before he managed to cross the pack’s territory to greet this stranger.

Thankfully, however, Flair was already present - so at least the stranger hadn’t been kept waiting the entire time. Uncertain of what had been said, the dark one sauntered up to stand beside his co-lead, greeting her and the stranger with a nod.

RE: wake up and i go go - Chan - Apr 15, 2023

Chan was never far from Flair, determined to better protect her against all the world might volley. When he heard the call, however, he did not feel unease. Instead there was a faint sense of recognition, the stranger's song familiar to Auburn's and even before he drew close enough to catch wind of their visitor something in his gut told him; this was Marigold.

His son had warned him that his daughter might not take so quickly to him, but still he couldn't help arriving with a wagging tail and broad smile. Mar looked even more like their mother than her brother did, but Chan could see in her eyes a distinct difference in personalities. He appeared after Jethro, and would have stopped to stand as sentinel at Flair's opposite flank had he not known their caller. Instead he continued forward.


RE: wake up and i go go - Marigold - May 08, 2023

The first to appear was a woman with a peculiarity to her scent, and soon after her a man darkly cloaked, and then...

Marigold recognized him instantly, and frowned despite herself as he called her by her name. It was not necessarily dislike that etched across her features, but rather something akin to wariness. She couldn't help but hold his questioning gaze silently for a moment, unsure of what to do now that she was finally faced with the wolf she'd only ever had guesses about. All that came out for now was a curt "Chan."

Her silver eyes then returned to those who had approached as alphas, addressing them separately.

"I've come to stay with my brother Auburn, and," she glanced to Chan again briefly, "meet my father. What would you require of me to make that happen?"

RE: wake up and i go go - Flair - Aug 15, 2023

@Jethro is up <3


Her apprehension had all been for naught, as she was quickly joined, first by Jethro on one side, and soon after, Chan on the other. There was a small part of her that felt annoyed, a remnant of her younger, independent self, insisting she could carry her own; but it was no more than a weak reflex, she was glad to have both men at her side.

Only Chan didn’t stay there, but stepped forwards to address the girl, a single word falling from his lips; Marigold? Then tension was palpable, making it clear who the stranger was, even before she spoke to confirm it. Yet still Flair was taken aback, by just how different Marigold was to her brother, making her falter a little; “Oh, uhm… Of course.” She paused to look over at Chan, trying to read his body language as he watched his daughter.

In the end, she couldn’t imagine him objecting though, so neither would she, sharing a quick look with her fellow leader before turning back to the girl; “Do yer share, huntin’ and guardin’ th’ borders, and y’ll be welcome.” That was all she could think to say, the only thing she could offer to help her friend in what felt like it would be a tough conciliation.

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RE: wake up and i go go - Jethro - Aug 16, 2023

This woman was clearly not just a stranger. Moments later, Chan appeared as well, and rather than pause alongside them, continued forth. He spoke a name - Marigold - and then his was spoken in return by the newcomer. Jethro’s brow furrowed in confusion for all of a few seconds until the woman continued.

Come to stay with my brother, and meet my father.

There was clearly tension between the two, though it seemed largely one-sided in favor of Chan’s daughter, the depth of which Jet could only imagine. He managed to maintain a mostly neutral expression though, in spite of this new surprise.

Flair beat him to her question as well, answering it concisely. ”Yes. I’m Jethro, my co-lead Flair. Welcome.” Aside from another nod, he hadn’t anything else to add, especially given the circumstances.

RE: wake up and i go go - Chan - Sep 24, 2023

It could be worse. She could have been thoroughly enraged or disgusted by his presence, could have screamed and stomped and stormed about how wrong it was that this was their first meeting. An awkward impasse upon land neither of them had been born to, rather than him being there the moment she entered this world, as he should have been. Chan's ears lowered, guilt festering and burning within him.

She was swiftly accepted into the fold, which wasn't at all unexpected. What now, though? There was so much he could say and ask, but what did Marigold want? She deserved the choice, and... it seemed she might be just as happy not addressing anything at all with him, at least in this moment.

"... we can track down Aub together?" a softly spoken suggestion, tentative and braced to being turned down.

RE: wake up and i go go - Marigold - Oct 01, 2023

Their demands turned out to be incredibly simple. It seemed that, just like that, she was in. The search was done, maybe even forever. Mar's gut twisted, and now she found herself avoiding Chan's gaze entirely. Instead she devoted her thoughts to memorizing the pair before her, Flair, and Jethro. Their children would be beautiful, or so she assumed. Her father's scent wasn't exactly light upon the ginger stranger. That was being a pack though, right?

Mar wouldn't know. The mother Chan had left her and Auburn with had made sure of that.

"Thank you, both of you," she spoke earnestly, perhaps her softest words yet.

"I will not be a burden."

With that assurance, she finally looked to the elder Eastfall again, and gave a nod. She was willing to go with him to reunite with her brother. If the alphas had nothing more for her, she would bid them farewell with a downward tilt of her muzzle and follow Chan.

RE: wake up and i go go - Flair - Nov 30, 2023

@Jethro @Chan feel free to wrap up as you see fit <3


The air felt dense with unspoken emotion, pressing against her fur from all sides. Now that the formalities were over with, the alphess wasn’t sure what to do, eyes drifting back and forth between Chan and his daughter – Jethro had already offered introductions and now the father made a tender suggestion, clearly anticipating a rejection. Flair wanted to offer her partner support, but she was also cautious of getting between the two of them, leaving her at an awkward standstill.

Finally, Marigold seemed to accept, moving to follow her father. It seemed to Flair that this time should be for their family alone, Chan and his children, a private reunion without having to spring anything else – like expected younger siblings – on them. Yet she hesitated, as eager as she was to leave them alone, it felt a bit like cowardice, skirting the conversation that would have to happen sooner or later. So, she exchanged a last look with her friend, making sure he was okay with going alone for now.

Once that was clear, she would turn away herself, giving Jethro a quick, tight smile, before trotting off, deciding that she could do with a small patrol while the others were still close by – she could use the exercise.

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