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dead on arrival - Vayko - Apr 21, 2023


When all was said and done, Vayko knew he had miscalculated the man who claimed to be his uncle. He might have been Viorel’s dad but that did not make him family… not to Vayko at least. A family member never would have inflicted such a serious wound upon him. He hissed slightly as the blood seeped from his abdomen, having just come to. He had lost consciousness before Vasco had disappeared from around him… what had caused him to lose consciousness, he was still unsure about… all he knew was that the sun was in a different position in the sky.

He would call for Clover, the pain clear in his voice, a beg for assistance… his Love always knew the answer. She always knew how to piece him back together again, though at the moment it was unclear as to which was more wounded: his body or his ego. Either way, both had taken quite the hit. He would need to dedicate himself to fighting and practicing now… that was for certain.

He shuddered softly, his body shivering, feeling cold despite the edges of spring and summer heat being just round the bend. He would find revenge for this, he was certain.

Vayko Valle

RE: dead on arrival - Clover - May 28, 2023

As soon as Vayko's call reached her ears Clover knew something was wrong. The desperation in his tone was as clear as day, and she didn't even stop to think before making a mad dash in his direction. She had no idea what she would find, but he needed her help and that was all that mattered.

Breathless and shaking from nerves she arrived at a sight that had her gasping in horror, ears laying flat upon her skull. The fresh scent of blood was unmissable, and she skittered over to him with a low whine.

"Vayko darling, what happened?" Now closer she could see the redness trailing from his abdomen, enough that she was worried for his safety, and moreso about what exactly had caused the wound. She gently brushed her muzzle against the side of his head, noticing the way his body shivered and wanting to try and soothe him. She needed to get him to her infirmary, but first she needed to know if he could even make the trek there.

"Do you think you can walk?" She'd carry him there if she had to.

RE: dead on arrival - Vayko - Jun 16, 2023


He was still reeling from everything, all the same. He was furious, of course, but it only scratched the surface of the complex emotions that were brimming under the surface. When she asked what had happened he paused for a moment before responding with only two words. “Vasco Halex.” He shuddered softly at it. He loathed that he had still lost after having had the clear advantage.

He hated that Viorel’s father had done this, and that he had let it happen. “I-I should be able to.” The stuttered word was brief but he loathed the weakness that came with it. He would lean against her for support as he shakily pushed his way up… in truth, perhaps he was being a little dramatic, but it certainly worked to his favor. “I just need help.” His voice felt dry and cracked.

Why did this always happen to him? It was a question that had often lingered in his mind, but he had never gotten a real answer to.

Vayko Valle

RE: dead on arrival - Clover - Jul 31, 2023

Her muzzle wrinkled in confusion at Vayko's response. What did Vasco have to do with this? Had he caused this? But she didn't have time to dwell on any of that; getting Vayko to her infirmary was the most important thing at that moment so she could have access to her herbs. Even inspecting his wound closer would have to wait until they were safely inside, if she could get him there.

Relief flooded her body as Vayko began to stand up, heavily leaning against her in the process, but standing nonetheless. "Don't worry, I'm here. Just lean against me as we walk." Clover pressed a soft kiss against the underside of his chin, and gently prompted him to start moving forward. The distance to her infirmary was not far, but that was by regular walking speed. It would surely be agonisingly slow in Vayko's condition, but she refused to give up.

She would be happy to bear his weight, her own anxiety and adrenaline fueling her muscles, mind already racing with all the herbs she would be using once they reached her infirmary. When they reached it Clover would direct him inside towards the cushioned spot she left intentionally empty for the very purpose of treating the backwater members.

RE: dead on arrival - Vayko - Jul 31, 2023


He would not say any more… not about Vasco and not about the rage that coursed through him. He had never been the best with his words. After all, the Valle family had never been the best at communicating, least of all Vayko who spoke harsh words in place of sweet whispers that he intended, even in his youth… Don’t worry, I’m here. There was a comfort that came with those soft words, beginning to limp but keep up with Clover despite the pain that radiated through every joint and muscle as he did.

Later, once he had time to rest and she could assess his injuries, he might be able to confide in her the full nature of what had happened to put him in such a state to begin with.

He put weight on her, though he tried to limit it, feeling guilty for the amassing weight that would be put on her should he shift his weight enough to ease some of the pain. “Rank challenge… Vasco.” He stated again, wincing through the pain for a moment, a slight lurch in his gait before he managed to regain his balance. Already a plot for revenge against this man brewed in his mind. He wanted nothing more than to tear him limb from limb.

Vayko Valle

RE: dead on arrival - Clover - Aug 31, 2023

Her ears pinned back against her skull, eyes widening in horror. "Vasco did this to you?" She couldn't believe that; Vasco had always seemed to laidback and kind. But she also didn't believe that Vayko would lie about such a thing.

Now was not the time to focus on that however, and she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind, continuing to guide him towards her infirmary.

Once inside and certain Vayko was settled on the floor, Clover dashed about to her meticulously sorted piles of herbs. Her medicinal stores were a bit sparse after the winter, still waiting for the new growth of springtime to sprout and flourish. But she had enough to get by for the time being.

She set some ergot and yarrow down in front of Vayko, just enough of both for a mouthful or two. "Here eat these, they'll help with any bleeding and keep the worst of infection at bay." While he would be ingesting those two, Clover set out to make a poultice with some of the last of her goldenrod to not only help with the pain itself, but hopefully act as a protective covering to the wound.

RE: dead on arrival - Vayko - Sep 27, 2023

Your toxic I'm slipping under

With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride

Her eyes were wide with the horror he felt. Mixed into his fur was a feeling of shame that came with being bested by an old man who had deceived everyone into believing him to be weak or frail. “I challenged him… he went to concede and then went for the kill.” He managed, the sentence drawn out over multiple moments as the pain radiated through him still.

She instructed him to eat, the smell of the herbs putrid but he was no stranger to the bitter taste for things such as illness or injury. This was far from Clover’s first time treating him, and it would not be his last either. There was a weakness over his body as she began to work on the poultice. He laid his head down, letting his body go as limp as possible. The only real key he was alive and still awake being the rise and fall of his chest and the way his eyes remained open.


RE: dead on arrival - Clover - Oct 14, 2023

Clover didn't have the words to convey the emotions she was feeling. Anger, betrayal, even disgust didn't come close to what she felt rising from deep within her. Her intrinsic nature was to be kind and helpful, choosing to purposefully not participate in violence or harmful acts, but it was a very rare occasion where the thought to do something against her beliefs began to bounce around in her brain.

But she couldn't focus on that, not while Vayko needed her help, and so she pushed it all way down inside and got to work on the poultice. By the time it was ready to apply Vayko had long fallen silent, and she spared him a glance to make sure he was still breathing, glad to see that he was also still conscious.

"This might sting a bit, dear," she said as a gentle warning so any pain wouldn't be a surprise. Clover took a few minutes to clean the wound as best as she could, and then began to apply the poultice with practiced paws, going slowly and giving Vayko the option for small breaks from time to time if he needed them.

When she was done she sat back, looking over her work with a studious gaze, which then softened as she looked back at Vayko. "You should get some rest. Would you like me to get you some water or something small to eat?" Whatever he wanted she would get for him, wanting him to be as comfortable as possible to allow his body to heal.

RE: dead on arrival - Vayko - Oct 19, 2023

Your toxic I'm slipping under

With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride

His stomach churned uncomfortably, though that might be from the degree the wounds had on his body, demanding attention from the healer in order to ensure his safe passage through sleep and over time. He wasn’t ready to leave this world yet, most certainly not with what was to come in the next few months. No, he would be there, of that he was certain. There were children to mind, to tend to… his children. Their children. He could not turn his back on them now, especially not through something so permanent as death.

He offered a gentle bob of his head to show he understood it would hurt, closing his eyes as his nose twitched. That was as much of a wince as she would get from him, allowing his eyes to open to watch as she placed the treatments on the wounds, proving her expertise in her craft as if he already didn’t know. He wasn’t sure how long the minutes dragged on, fading in and out of consciousness from exhaustion. His body was working overtime now.

When she stated that he should rest, and mentioned food and water, he’d shake his head. “Eat later.” He murmured softly, yearning for her touch, bringing his nose to brush against her cheek gently. “Stay with me?” He’d plead softly.


RE: dead on arrival - Clover - Nov 14, 2023

He was as stoic as ever, something that Clover was still undecided of being a blessing or a curse. Perhaps it was neither, but she was thankful that he kept still to allow her to tend to his wounds. She kept a close eye on Vayko as she worked, making sure he was still breathing even if his eyes occasionally glazed over a bit. Given the extent of his wounds she was surprised he was still conscious even to have somewhat of a proper conversation.

She inhaled softly at his gentle touch to her cheek, cooing softly in response as she settled in along his back and neck to help keep him warm. "Of course darling." Clover began to lick at the fur around his ears and forehead, hoping to soothe him enough that he could fall asleep. Vayko would need plenty of rest to heal his wounds. "I'll be here when you wake up, don't worry."