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bless this happiness we've found - Atara - Jun 26, 2023

Random Event: Atara, something wakes you, rustling out in the dry grass. All welcome!

The growing girl had been sleeping peacefully within the warm glow of a sunbeam when the peaceful sounds of her environment shifted. Her small ears twitched, as did her too-large puppy paws, and then she roused, bleary-eyed and yawning. Another rattle of grass, and this time she saw the movement from the corner of her eyes. Atara jumped to her paws, suddenly alert, curiosity shining bright with only a hint of trepidation and caution.

What was that?

She crept closer, and the sounds of her tiny foot falls were seemingly heard as now the patch was too still and she could imagine something hiding within, hoping not to be caught. A mouse? Perhaps a bird? Could this even be... deer? Atty's gaze was intensely focused, muscles winding up to pounce...

RE: bless this happiness we've found - Micaden - Jul 01, 2023


Mica liked the outside! It was bright and colorful, and full of noise and smells and other wolves – more than just Ma and Da! His days were well spent, enjoying the warmth of the sun, playing in the shallows below the falls and sniffing through the grass.

In fact, that was exactly what he was doing when movement up ahead caught his attention, eyes widening curiously as his tail wagged excitedly. The grass here was tall enough to hide his stubby frame – a jungle in itself – and thus entirely obscuring the surroundings to him as well.

Taking up his best stalking position, Mica slowly crept closer to the rustling, mind running wild with what the source might be. He was only a short leap away, when the grass suddenly stilled, an almost eerie quiet enveloping him. But the pup left little time for doubt, gathering his paws beneath him and pouncing with a gleeful squeal.

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RE: bless this happiness we've found - Atara - Jul 11, 2023

Atara was almost ready, but then- a dark blur parted the grass as it launched at her, completely flipping the tables. She shrieked, the sound giving way to laughter when she realized that her attacker was no bigger than herself and his tackle had not hurt. Changing eyes widened with something next to awe as she looked upon another puppy for the first time, questions tumbling through her mind. That wasn't to say she didn't know how to tussle, though- all that pent up energy that was normally expended with siblings had often been unleashed on @Jethro.

Without reservation, she began to kick her hind legs out at the other kid while her jaws would snap and bite upon any limbs that got near enough. Adults were of course a lot tougher than children, meaning Atara did not know to be mindful not to cause harm. She giggled blithely.

RE: bless this happiness we've found - Micaden - Aug 01, 2023


He didn’t know what he’d expected – in truth he hadn’t even thought as far as to what he was actually attacking. So, hearing the shriek of another wolf as he felt his stubby limbs tangling with a similar set, took the boy completely aback. His own squeal of joy turning into a shriek as he attempted to free himself and shuffle backwards to get a better look at the other pup.

But the girl had other ideas. Micaden barked in shock and confusion as surprisingly strong legs suddenly kicked at his flank while he was still doing his best to back away. With Addison as his only sibling, the boy had had little to no experience with the kind of play fighting this girl was attempting. He had tussled a little with his father, but never to this degree, and when stubby baby-teeth squeezed his leg, he let out a loud whimper – more out of surprise than real pain, but as common with pups, the reaction was the same, tears starting to well up in his eyes.

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RE: bless this happiness we've found - Atara - Aug 15, 2023

Her dad didn't often respond with sounds like those. Atara began to frown, and ultimately released the other child, taking a few steps back to properly regard him with knitted brows. Her dark dial twisted from side to side as she did so, communicating concerned confusion. When she'd gotten too rough for even an adult, they made it clear they did not like it, and they told her...


She took a few steps to the right, and then the left, skull till moving to and fro.

"You's hort? Sowee."

Her tail and ears drooped a touch.

RE: bless this happiness we've found - Micaden - Sep 11, 2023


Pain, minor as this was, was almost entirely new to the boy – any unpleasant feeling was, really – having so far been sheltered, perhaps even coddled, by his parents. As soon as the other pup loosed her grip, he instinctively scrambled backwards, leg protectively raised off the ground and pressed tight against his chest.

Beyond that though, Micaden didn’t know how to react. He was still in shock at the whole thing; meeting another pup, only to have her bite him. And yet, seeing her confusion, how she moved so strangely, fascination won over anxiety, the tears drying on his face. It took him a while to understand the question, silver-tipped ears waving uncertainly. Finally, he nodded, slowly, repeating: “Ho-ort.” He glanced down at the paw still hugged to his chest, giving it a small lick before looking back at the girl; “Ow-ie.”

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RE: bless this happiness we've found - Atara - Sep 25, 2023

Atara could see by the way that he held his leg that she had indeed caused him hurt. Her neck craned forward, nose sniffing for blood past the salty wet of his tears. It was good there was none, but still - 'ho-ort, ow-ie.'

"Oh no!" her small voice declared, and she waddled back into his space to also give the offended paw a quick kiss. It was how her parents made her injuries feel better, and she was too young to know that things weren't so magically simple. Her tail began to wag, and her ears lifted as she asked with a smile, "all betta?"

Who was this kid, anyways? Where did he come from? He had to be new, otherwise Atara would have known about him before now. Right?

RE: bless this happiness we've found - Micaden - Oct 07, 2023


Her very presence, so energetic it radiated in an aura all around her, rendered the boy dumbstruck. He couldn’t even think far enough to consider pulling away when her head was suddenly back, scarily close to his poor paw. At least this time it was only her tongue and not her teeth that touched him, a kiss not unlike those his mother had given him whenever he tripped and fell, or something spooked him, a gesture of comfort.

Even the strange girl’s question was like something his mom would have said, only spoken in a tone so different – with a trill in her voice, not unlike his sister’s – Mica couldn’t help but giggle. It was just so funny, any remaining hint of pain was forgotten, as the boy’s lips parted in a soft grin, a hoarse laughter bubbling from his chest. He couldn’t be scared of this new pup – wherever she may have come from – she clearly hadn’t meant to hurt him.

When his laughter finally subsided enough to answer her, Micaden nodded vigorously, still smiling at his new friend; “Mhhmm!”

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RE: bless this happiness we've found - Atara - Oct 31, 2023

Even before he replied vocally, she had her answer. Atara's own smile grew as his humor continued, scratchy puppy laughs that were so strange and enthralling to her only-child ears. Her own excitement came out as a pitched bark, and her tail waggled as swiftly as it could manage in its current, stubby form. She jumped at him a few times, paws hitting the earth here and there as she feigned left and right. Still wanting to play, if he was all good!

"I'm Atty!" she practically hollered into his face. 'Atara Kane' was still a bit of a mouthful for her, the nickname flowing much more easily along her tongue. They could tussle and chat at the same time, right?

RE: bless this happiness we've found - Micaden - Nov 22, 2023


His body began to copy hers instinctively, tail wagging, bum in the air and legs outstretched. He returned her barks, though his were barely more than squeaks, but that didn’t curb his enthusiasm. Now that he knew the game, Mica was just as eager to play, quickly learning to duck away from her feigns and make his own, oversized paws bounding from place to place, racing small clouds of dust wherever they made contact with the ground.

He struggled to match her energy, but had fun all the same. When she suddenly shouted, it took him a moment to process what she meant, and then another to catch his breath before he could gasp: “Mmm-Mic.” That was as much as his young tongue could manage, especially in between quick breaths, but it was good enough, he thought, letting out a playful growl as he gleefully continued the game.

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