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the roads ahead - Jethro - Aug 13, 2023

The sun was rising on his third day of wandering just as he’d finally reached the top of this peak. Despite the overcast nature of the day so far, the views from atop it were still no less impressive. He could see for quite a distance up here, making it a decent place to pause and plot a path forward.

In terms of fire though, there didn’t seem to be any for as far as his eyes could see, which was also somewhat relieving.

Jethro had traversed quickly, heading almost due west, with the intention of covering as much ground as he could as quickly as possible. And so far, he was pleased with the progress he’d made. The sooner he found out if there were any fires out here that posed an actual threat, the better.

Despite his quick pace though, he’d still made an effort to leave a defined trail that Ryder could follow. Aside from whatever conversation was necessary, he’d otherwise traveled in silence, content to let the kid veer off, lag behind, run ahead, or otherwise plot his own route as he saw fit, in his search for Caspian.

Although he hadn’t as much time to devote to that as Ryder, he still hoped they’d find something. After this long, however, he wasn’t exactly confident of that - but he hadn’t the heart to say anything of the sort to Ryder. At least not without being prompted.  

@Ryder if you want this one

RE: the roads ahead - Ryder - Oct 02, 2023

Ryder was certain this was the farthest west he had ever been, and was eager to make it up to the vantage point once it, by grace of catching up with Jethro's trail, was on his radar. The path was steep and the smoke burned his lungs on every inhale, meaning he wasn't as quick as he could be, but he still scaled the palisade efficiently.

Jet was there, and given a nod as greeting before Ryder was focused on the view. The lowlands seemed to stretch on forever; a solitary formation disturbing its horizon line, a deep imprint marring the watery effect of the waving grasses. It was beautiful, but empty. Like his elder he was relieved not to spy anything that seemed unusual, certainly no bursts of orange and red as flame had been described to him. There also were no clear signs of wolves, either. The child still in him had hoped to see bodies moving amongst the tundra, or the forests that bordered the bluffs and grasslands both. A pack they hadn't known about, that Caspian might be living amongst, or who would have seen him, talked to him... even his brother's own pale coat. It would stand out amongst the dark from here, right?

A sigh. Nothing but smoke.

RE: the roads ahead - Jethro - Oct 04, 2023

Ryder ascended the slopes shortly thereafter and offered a nod, which Jet returned before fixing his attention back on the landscape ahead. Everything he’d have wanted to immediately know was answered in that short exchange. Finley’s son looked to be managing well enough so far. Fed, and as rested as one could be. The silence an indicator that there was next to no trace of Caspian - for the dark one trusted, or at least hoped, that if something had been found, Ryder would mention it.

Instead, green eyes studied both the immediate paths available to take down the other side of this peak, as well as beginning to plot where he believed he wanted to be in the coming days. While there was no fire visible, the smoke and ash here remained as present as ever. Hanging over them all in the form of a literal cloud, oppressively contaminating the very air they needed to breathe.

With a soft breath, Jet glanced back to his company. ”I’m gonna keep headin’ out that way,” he informed, gesturing with his muzzle towards the path he’d chosen for himself. ”Will call ya if I find anything.”

RE: the roads ahead - Ryder - Oct 26, 2023

Jethro's voice broke the quiet, marking separation swiftly. Ryder blinked at him, a second of surprise taking his features before he masked it. His own words haunted him, biting back at him in a way that made him reluctant to face his elder. Another nod, and then he looked out to the horizon again, toes gripping the earth to fight back the tears stinging at the backs of his eyes.