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Autumn 2023 - Khalon - Sep 13, 2023

Happy Fall Y'all! (I hate myself for being so millennial)

I know fall doesn't officially start until until next week, but here in Canada the leaves have been changing colours since mid August so I decided to make some changes today to move RoW into the autumn spirit.

Some changes:
  • Fall skins are now available! Feel free to go through and find your favourites
  • The BWP should soon be coming to an end soon, though it is based on real Canadian events so it could last a while longer
  • September 15th we will have fall REs rolled
  • Loner docks will soon be returning. Starting November 1st all loners who do not currently have a join thread active will begin receiving loner docks. Loners will now be docked once every 2 weeks -5LP to reflect the hardship of not having a pack to help support you, docks will halt in the spring (typically around Mid-March)

    Once a character reaches -10 life points they will be considered deceased, succumbed to the winter.