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new places and new faces - Pan - Nov 06, 2023

It had been a morning ago when she had awakened. And it hadn’t taken long for the child to figure out that her companion of the last couple of weeks was gone, and it appeared he had been for a while. At first, she’d thought maybe he was out hunting or had gone ahead to meet the pack, or was doing something else, so she had resolved to wait.

While he had never left her alone for very long, she wondered if maybe he’d gotten side-tracked, or distracted, and was just taking a while. But as the day had passed and turned into night again, and her searches of the immediate area turned up nothing, Pan’s hopes of seeing him again seemed to die along with the waning daylight. It seemed clear that Luca, too, had left her.

Tears stung her eyes that night, hurt by this apparent abandonment. Especially because she couldn't understand why. But by the next morning, instinct and resolve had kicked back in. The child had risen with the first light of day to keep venturing in the direction Luca had previously told her this supposed family of wolves would be. She might not have her friend anymore, but she still had just a tiny bit of hope that her family might one day find her here.

And lo and behold, he was right. Eventually, Pan would come across a collection of scents that she now knew belonged to her kind. They were, unbeknownst to her, border markers. Oblivious to proper manners and protocol, the child just continued over them, skirting between trees, wide eyes scanning nervously scanning for someone lingering around.

Pan's joining - permission given by Wildflower/Luca to assume he dropped her off here - open to any PF member!

RE: new places and new faces - Miriam - Nov 07, 2023


Though Miriam had to work on the more social aspects of being in a pack, she had been diligently on the hunt and patrolling the borders, determined to do right by the angels that had taken her in and allowed her a new chance at life… a purpose to serve a higher cause and a higher mission. It was on one such border patrol that she would come across the pup, teary eyed and panicked. Her eyes immediately widened in concern as she made a quick approach. “Lil’ miss? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Immediately she began to check her for injuries.

There didn’t appear to be any, and she didn’t see a single adult in sight apart from herself. She wasn’t sure she could classify herself as an adult. Without thinking, or asking, she raised her maw to call for Jethro. She’d never seen a situation like this, finding herself in need of divine intervention. The man would know precisely what to do… of that much, she was certain. Though he had tried to convince her he wasn’t, she had little doubt he was nothing less than the voice of God. And God would always know what to do in this kind of a situation, when one of their lone sheep was missing from the flock.


RE: new places and new faces - Pan - Nov 07, 2023

Then, suddenly, there was someone. A woman, an adult, but maybe the smallest and skinniest adult Pan had ever seen. Her fur was also unlike anything the child had ever witnessed, being comprised of many different colors. She had only ever seen nearly monochrome wolves before. She’d had no idea that there could be so many colors in a wolf’s fur!

The stranger asked her some questions and seemed nice, closing the distance between them quickly. Pan didn’t shrink back, though she did close her eyes and lower her head, taking in several breaths before looking back up.

Then the stranger did something. A call, of sorts? But for someone else?

”I, um.. I got lost from my parents. My friend brought me here, but he left too, and.. I’m alone again. I hoped I could stay here?” She didn’t have Luca here anymore, but she still didn’t want these wolves to think she was just some scared, lost child. She was lost, but she could still put on a brave face.

She wondered though, what would happen if they rejected her? Would she be alone again, forever?

--i'll add Jet after one more round. thanks for hopping in :)

RE: new places and new faces - Miriam - Nov 12, 2023


That concern did not fade as the girl began to explain that she had gotten lost, and that she had a friend who had left her on their doorstep. Her eyes softened as sympathy ran through her heart. It had to be the perfect place for her… she was seeking sanctuary, and paradise could provide it for someone as small as Pan just as it had provided such for Miriam herself. She could not make such a decision herself, however… that was up to Jethro.

She doubted the man would turn such a young child away… even if there was no way to know her. If her parents found her, then perhaps they might want to stay as well, growing their numbers… she had no way to be certain.

“Take a deep breath, it will be okay… our leader is on his way, and he will be able to help.” She would assure the girl gently, hoping to soothe any anxieties she might have lingering under the surface. Even then she would glance over her shoulder to see if she could catch sight of the man.


RE: new places and new faces - Jethro - Nov 13, 2023

When the call sounded, he was a little further from it than he’d have liked to be. Miriam had so far done all that was asked of her and then some, quick to prove herself a valued member of their pack. Jet’d covered the ground between he and her quickly, surmising that whatever she needed was probably something important.

Amidst the trees, he was able to pick out her form and angled towards it, slowing as he neared. It also didn’t take long to see why she’d called. A child stood before them both; small, underfed, and presumably alone. His gaze softened, and after a nod to Miriam, the dark one took a few tentative steps closer to the kid.

”It’s gonna be alright, now. You’re safe here,” he spoke softly, hoping to assure the child. There were so many questions, namely, why was this kid alone? But that wasn’t where he’d start. ”Can you tell us your name? I’m Jethro.”

RE: new places and new faces - Pan - Nov 13, 2023

Pan wanted to believe that this new wolf was telling her the truth, but she wasn’t really certain. She hoped that it would be okay, and that their leader would be able to help. But already in her young life the seeds of doubt and mistrust had been planted. Even more so now, after Luca’s disappearance.

The rustling of bushes and sound of foliage crunching under paws drew Pan’s attention towards a different area of the forest. Where maybe the tallest wolf she’d yet seen emerged, skirting trees as if he were some kind of shadow. He was dark, almost all dark. She couldn’t help but shrink back a tad.

Though, he too began to assure and welcome her, promising safety. His eyes.. they were the same colors as her father’s. The child latched on to that little bit of familiarity. She was pretty sure she could believe him, that she would be safe here. Though.. she still wished her father, mother, and sister were present.

Still, Pan felt herself begin to smile a little after his introduction. ”Pan,” she’d return, before looking towards her initial greeter.

”What’s yours?” She inquired with an air of excitement that’d not been there previously, bouncing towards the other woman. Surely the nice lady also had a name?  

RE: new places and new faces - Miriam - Nov 30, 2023


She found herself relieved when he arrived, taking a step back as she offered a nod to the alpha out of respect and allowed him to take over the situation, lingering in the background because she was the figure that the young girl was familiar with. She looked so thin… so horribly thin. It was then that Miriam took a brief pause, running to the nearest cache as they talked and fetched a rabbit she had deposited there earlier that day, bringing it back to the border with her as swiftly as she could.

She would look silently to Jethro, as if asking for permission to give the girl the rabbit from the alpha. She was not yet pack, but Miriam could not imagine the man turning her away when she was so desperately in need of their help. They could protect her, raise her… be her guardian angels just as they had been for Miriam since her arrival. If presented permission, she would move over to the girl and gently place the rabbit down before nudging it towards her with her nose and taking a step back.


RE: new places and new faces - Jethro - Dec 22, 2023

Miriam moved back and away a bit, and lingered only momentarily in the background before venturing off.. somewhere else. ”She’s Miriam,” he would answer the child’s question softly, gesturing with his nose towards her retreating figure.

With her gone for a moment, he moved a bit closer to the child, examining her. Something else stuck out - specifically a scent that clung weakly to her fur. Luca. Was this his child? If so, where was he? The dark man blinked.

”Are you alone, Pan? Do you have any family?” He inquired, gently probing. Whether Luca was this child’s father or not didn’t ultimately matter if she needed help, but he wanted to know.

Miriam’s return caught his eye, for in her possession was a rabbit from one of their stores. A silent nod of approval and gratitude was offered. This child was clearly in need of help, the sort that a stable home could provide best.

RE: new places and new faces - Pan - Dec 22, 2023

The first woman quickly left, leaving her alone with the dark man. He seemed important, somehow, but still nice all the same. Her weariness about him had mostly vanished, but Pan still couldn’t help but wonder where the woman had gone, or if she would be back soon. He did provide her the woman’s name though, which broadened her smile a bit.

It quickly faltered though, as he asked her kind of the same questions Miriam had at first - though he hadn’t been here to know that. ”I.. yes. But I got lost from my ma, pa, and sister. I was alone for a while, but I met a friend, and he brought me here..”

A thought occurred to her then. If Luca had known about this place, would he have known Jethro and Miriam too? Was he their friend - and if so, why had he left her alone? None of it made sense.

Suddenly though, Miriam was back, and with… food. A look between the two older wolves indicated it was for her, and the child didn’t hesitate at all to dig in. ”Thank you,” she spoke to both of them between bites.

RE: new places and new faces - Miriam - Dec 26, 2023


Miriam observed the interaction between Jethro and the lost child, a mixture of concern and compassion etched on her features. When Jethro nodded in approval of her offering the rabbit to the young girl, relief washed over her. It was a small gesture, but Miriam hoped it would provide some comfort to the visibly hungry child.

As Pan began to eat, Miriam took a step back, giving her space but staying close enough to offer support. She couldn't help but feel a pang of empathy for the girl, having experienced her own share of uncertainties upon arriving at the pack. Miriam's gaze shifted between Jethro and Pan, silently acknowledging the unspoken understanding that they needed to help this lost soul.

With a gentle smile, Miriam spoke softly, "You're welcome, sweetheart. Take your time and eat. We're here to help." She crouched down, maintaining a respectful distance, yet making it clear that she was approachable.

Miriam's thoughts raced, considering the possibility that Luca, the friend Pan mentioned, might have known Jethro. She decided to tread carefully, not wanting to overwhelm the child with questions. Instead, she focused on providing comfort and support, ready to assist in any way necessary to ensure Pan felt safe and cared for within the pack's embrace.