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carrion - Isla - Nov 10, 2023


Home was not going to work.

Out into the night she had gone again, some time ago. Long enough that she had ventured out into lands beyond and come back.

Darkness felt like it followed and so she had traveled along at night usually. Even with the cold that sunk its claws and teeth into the land with aggression. Fall had not a chance to exist, smothered out by a smoky season. Now it had cleared up and it seemed winter wished for a jump start.

Which meant she needed somewhere to be. To leech and live for a time before she made up her mind on what life would hold.

She had been up in this area before, bullied a boy into a fall and had left. Was he still around here maybe? It hardly mattered much to her. No need to pretend she was all goodness and sparkling promises. Isla intended to be clear in what she might offer and what she wanted in return. She only needed someone in charge to speak to about it.

Her head tilted back and she called out into the long shadows of sunset.


RE: carrion - Jethro - Nov 11, 2023

The days were growing shorter, while nights became longer and colder. Winter and the first snow had long since fallen upon the lands once more, but Jet still remained cautiously optimistic. Their numbers were thinner than they had been before, though they still remained strong, in his estimation. He had been ready to settle in when an inquiry rang out.

It served as yet another reminder that a leader’s job was never truly done. And that the season might force more wanderers towards them.

A walk through the darkening forest would eventually reveal another similarly dark lone figure awaiting along the borders. ”Evenin’,” Jet called from a distance, skirting the final couple of trees as snow crunched underfoot. ”Welcome. Can I help ya?”

RE: carrion - Isla - Nov 11, 2023

phone post! at work and couldn't wait :>

The man that answered was tall and dark.

She might have thought she was being haunted by Valles if not for his brilliant green eyes. Distinctly not those carried by her own line from her father. Still she hunched, nearly more defensive than submissive in its nature.

"I need somewhere to go."

Just not home.

"I'll guard your borders real good in return." Offered up herself as a tooth before she even gave up her name. It was certainly untraditional but she knew that what she needed most was a trade. Shelter from the coldness, a little meat on the side.

And she would do her own part violently well.

RE: carrion - Jethro - Nov 11, 2023

The closer he got, the more he could make out. And as near as Jet could tell, the woman who had called was young. Probably around Caspian or Ryder’s age. Was this her first winter alone - without the comforts of wherever she’d been birthed at? There was something distinctly familiar about her, too, but he couldn’t quite place what it was. As if he’d seen her before, though he knew he hadn’t.

Her request was a simple one. Somewhere to go, and in return she would guard borders. The dark one’s eyes narrowed, and his brow furrowed in thought.

”We like to think we’re more than just somewhere to go, here,” he spoke, neither dismissive nor judgmental. Just neutral. There was something different, in this encounter, than with most he’d had so far. The girl was all business, and hadn’t even bothered with introductions or questions about who he was or where they were. It didn’t seem like this stranger wanted a family, or to truly belong. And not everyone did want that, he knew - Colette being a good example - so that wasn’t a detractor. Some wolves preferred a more transactional relationship. But this could be more if the girl wanted it.

”But y’do that, don’t cause any trouble. Maybe help out a little with hunting or scouting sometimes, and you’ll have food and a place to rest here as long as ya need.” He wouldn’t turn her away, but Jet would continue to let her guide the conversation. He was curious to see where she’d go, and what she’d ask - if anything - without his prompting it first.

RE: carrion - Isla - Nov 11, 2023

He could think whatever he wanted, Isla knew her own truth. This place would surely never be anything more than a stepping stone, a drop in a bucket. She had no desire to locate new family or friends.

Life would be easier if she could be alone forever. Woe was the angry girl.

It was a tall order to not cause trouble. Yet...she nodded a bit stiffly, still stood a bit defensive. Maybe a nervous edge like she expected the rug to be pulled at any moment. Why wouldn't it be, after all? If anyone here saw a glimpse of her truest colors then her safety might vanish.

"I can scout too. I know a few places with others, if you ever need a guide to more wolves."

She did not actually wish to be the one to be diplomatic, to discuss things, but she might make a good traveling guard.

"But I'll hold up my end." It was the one thing she could say with full confidence. "A deal's a deal?"

RE: carrion - Jethro - Nov 11, 2023

There was still no sign of warmth, no smiles, no introduction. Barely even any recognition of his comments, aside from a small nod at first. Which was fine, he supposed. Though the father in Jethro would’ve liked to know more about this girl, to show her some kindness, and figure out why she’d come to be alone. Most of those things could wait, he supposed.

She did offer to scout, too, claiming she knew other places with wolves. The dark one would nod in return to that. ”Good t’know,” he mused. He hadn’t any plans for that sort of thing now. Jet supposed he’d prefer to see to be the one reaching out to other packs himself. But it didn’t hurt to have options.

She would hold up her end, though. Words that were spoken with confidence. Mirroring that, the dark one gave a nod of approval. ”It is.” If she preferred to keep to herself, Jethro would respect that, provided his own conditions were met as well. But first…

”I'll need your name. It'll be easier, to pass along word of your arrival.”

RE: carrion - Isla - Nov 11, 2023

That was that then?

She wondered if this was what her father did time and time again. An exchange of services. Although most of the Backwater had seemed to always be family. Outsiders less frequent than those who carried the Valle name.

Speaking of names...

He asked for hers and there was a lurch in her stomach. She had not wanted to introduce herself one bit, had wanted to be as distant as possible while still reaping the benefits of the group. If she had been more creative in her imagination instead of her cruelty, perhaps it would have been easier to pull one freely. Instead she had only paused with pregnant hesitancy.

Any answer but clear truth might have the deal revoked. Then she would go hungry and cold.

"Isla." She hated it the moment it was out there. As if she had given away something sacred. "I'd rather introduce myself at my own pace...if that's ok." Her innards protested at asking a stranger for permission, but she must play by his rules to get into his house.

RE: carrion - Jethro - Nov 12, 2023

There was yet more silence, for a short period. Contemplation, perhaps even hesitation, from the other. A part of it all reminded Jet of himself, and the first time he had met the Cove. He’d been distant, not particularly desiring closeness to anyone, at least at first. He hoped in time that could change for the girl, too.

Isla. The dark one provided a tip of his nose, and hoped a wry smile could help the situation. ”Jethro. Welcome, again.”

She made another request after that, too. ”That’s fine. I gotta pass word along to at least my co-lead, but take your time meetin’ everyone.” He’d need to at least speak to Flair, for certain, then probably Finley and Atara as well. After that he’d trust his co-lead to share the information with her family as desired.

”Least let me walk with ya a bit? We can grab a snack, maybe show ya a couple of secluded den spots.” Ultimately where she rested was up to her. But at least this way the woman could see some of her new "home", and her trail would be present with his. A clear indicator to the wolves here that she was welcome here.

RE: carrion - Isla - Nov 12, 2023

feel free to wrap in your reply? :D

A co-lead.

So she would have to appease another too it seemed. Or maybe she would only appease this one and be aloof to whoever stood alongside him. How interesting it might be to warp and twist each view that was had of her. How it might sow chaos among them would appease a destructive appetite. Although it all seemed to grand a thing to do right off the bat.

She needed the things he spoke of first, meal and her own private space.

She would never be found curled up among the other bodies of this forest.

"Of course." She nodded softly, prepared to follow after his lead now. Let her muddy her scent among their own and how distinctly different it was than anything else she had ever wore or smelled before.

RE: carrion - Jethro - Nov 12, 2023

She agreed, and that was that. An agreement made, and with it, the group had added another to their ranks. As he had been feeling before, Jet remained cautiously optimistic that things would go well for them this winter. He would continue to hope that young Isla would emerge from whatever shell she had built for herself and actually bond with the group, though he wouldn't press for that.

All he could do was keep an eye on her. Ensure she did her share, that she adjusted, and didn't need anything. As well as perhaps try to discourage the others - especially the children - from bothering her if solitude was what Isla preferred.

--indeed! glad to have you aboard at PF :o