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Pick RoW's Next Site Skin! - Spirit of Wildwood - Nov 22, 2023


Pick RoW's Next Site Skin!

We are in need of a default winter skin for this year, and figured you our wonderful members may as well make the choice in who gets the spotlight! Nominations will be collected for the next 7 days, with the last day to submit being the 29th. On the 30th a poll will be put up with all suggestions as options, and everyone can vote on their favorite. Cade will create a wintry-themed skin featuring the winning idea.

What are the rules for Nominations?

There are none! We're just looking for a who. It can be a pack, a single wolf, your favorite crack ship, a family, a random assortment- what do you feel is appropriate to cap this year off with? Post to this thread, or PM Spirit of Wildwood/DM Cade (Chan) if you'd like to stay anonymous.

Current List:


RE: Pick RoW's Next Site Skin! - Viorel - Nov 23, 2023

I nominate our poorly departed souls from 2023: Sephrina, Auburn, Andy, Woya, and Hagar!

RE: Pick RoW's Next Site Skin! - Jacynth - Nov 27, 2023

Power couple Nash and Aquene


RE: Pick RoW's Next Site Skin! - Chan - Nov 27, 2023

Halex Valles vs. Ward Valles
Current Leaders
Paradise Falls pack (as our newest)