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Winter Blues - Luca - Dec 16, 2023


The man ventured close enough he could faintly smell the pack border. He walked slowly, body tense, ears swiveling this way and that. A wolf on high alert. He was sure @Jethro never wanted to see his face again and that @Flair just might skin him alive. His steps were light and thoughtful. Not heavy enough to leave deep prints in the snow despite his weight or cause a crunching sound. Even his breathing was shallow. Brown eyes scanned the trees around him for any movement that indicated company. He wasn't here for trouble, he just wanted to know @Pan was doing well. He made a wide breadth around the pack lands, smelling for her. Hoping she'd been taken underwing to be loved as one of their own. He didn't think Paradise Falls would turn away the girl, not unless they were hurting too badly on resources. Even then. She was just a pup, how could someone turn her away? Luca came to a slow stop with his nose lowered as he deeply inhaled.



RE: Winter Blues - Colette - Dec 20, 2023

Things had been going as well as could be expected, as of lately. While the ghost still had days that were both good and bad, whatever was going on inside of her hadn’t seemed to take too much away from her ability to work for the pack as a whole. She was still distant, often skirting the borders, checking caches , even wandering beyond their lands from time to time, but maybe a little less so now.

Knowing her time was limited made Cole want to enjoy it more, be more involved in any way she knew how.

Had she not chosen to venture out today, though, she might’ve missed his presence completely. She hadn’t seen much of him, back then, but given her history, Colette didn’t typically forget scents that belonged to wolves that’d done her group wrong.

Colette hadn’t quite been able to pinpoint his location yet, but he had to be nearby.

”I know you’re out there, Luca,” she called out to an otherwise mostly quiet forest. Maybe she could draw him in. Was he back to plead for forgiveness? For revenge? She needed to find out.

RE: Winter Blues - Luca - Dec 20, 2023

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The man heard her faint paw steps before her voice, his ears flattening. Lips threatening to curl as he fought them down along with his hackles. He wasn't here for trouble. Luca simply didn't want to get mamed. He gave a shake of his silvery pelt. Brown eyes searched for the woman, paws slowly falling into place as he sought her out.

Cole. He hadn't gotten to know her during his vacation at Paradise Falls. He grumbled under his breath, he'd hoped to catch traces of the girl and be on his merry way. The wolf lowered his head to a neutral position and gave a stiff wag of his tail. He alerted her of his presence with a bark and stopped several feet away, not wanting to stir further animosity or startle her.

Not even a year ago he would've groveled before the woman. "Did they accept the girl?" He cut straight to the chase with a flat tone void of emotion. Luca quickly interjected before she could throw a remark his way, "She's not mine."



RE: Winter Blues - Colette - Dec 20, 2023

She hadn’t quite known what to expect from him. A part of Colette had hoped he’d try to hide, just so she could have the satisfaction of snuffing him out anyway. But he didn’t. To his credit, Luca stepped forth. He didn’t appear angry or hostile (yet), simply weary. Rightfully so.

As he approached so to did she, with each of them pausing once they were within a few lengths of each other. Colette’s good eye gave him a once over - he appeared to be getting on well enough. At his question though, her brow arched a little in mild surprise.

”Pan? You’re the friend that left her here?” She responded to his question with one of her own, hesitant to answer him directly. Colette didn’t doubt his claim, the child was old enough to know the different between a friend and her parents, who she’d apparently mentioned being separated from.

The Colette from six months ago would’ve jumped at a chance to berate a man like this. A traitor who threw away devotion to his family because he couldn’t keep it to himself. But her impending doom had given her a different outlook, and a newfound empathy won out, causing the ghost’s countenance softened a little.

”She’s safe. Getting on pretty well, makin’ friends with the other kids, from what I know. Probably lucky that you were able to get her here in time.” Colette wouldn’t speak it directly - Luca probably already knew that he’d likely saved the child’s life by bringing her here. A deed like that deserved acknowledgement.

”Is that all you were here for?”

RE: Winter Blues - Luca - Dec 22, 2023


The plausible tension hung heavy in the air as the pair drew closer together, both stopping at a reasonable distance. He studied the expression on her face. Lingering on the missing eye before fixating on what remained. He didn't like the way she examined him, but he was guilty of a similar offense. Quickly noting the arch of her brow and how her face seemed to soften slightly.

The name brought a sense of relief to the man and he visibly relaxed, gratitude shone on his face. "Yes, thank you for taking her in." He'd been so worried sick over her well-being. Now he could rest easy knowing he'd made the right decision for the child's future. A role a parent should've taken on, not some strange man in the woods. Thankfully Pan had found him and not some sleazy wolf with ill intentions for an innocent little pup.

Luca's tail swayed genuinely as she spoke about his young friend, the friendly action accompanied by a gentle smile. A light returned to his eyes. Being a loner was hardening him, making him rougher on the outside, and perhaps changing the very essence of who he once was. Not to mention the bitterness that lingered within. He thought of Pan's laugh, and how the very sound could brighten one's day. He'd done something right in his life and Cole reassured such with her words.

His friendly demeanour faltered, "Yeah". He was going to miss the little girl, and he knew well enough there wouldn't be an opportunity for a belated goodbye. He gave a nod to the woman, "Thank you, I suppose I'll be off then." The thought of venturing out alone again came with sadness. Had he felt more capable of providing for the child, he would have gladly kept her company. He knew that Pan deserved more than survival. He could provide a meal...but a family? He didn't have that to offer. Here she would be loved and able to play with other pups. She was making new friends! Luca's heart filled with pride.



RE: Winter Blues - Colette - Dec 22, 2023

He seemed so relieved to hear that Pan had been taken, and happy to hear that she was doing well. So much that Colette almost felt bad for him. Luca had chosen his own path, though, and sealed his own fate, but the mistake he’d made was not much in comparison to the slaughter of innocents. If anyone deserved to still be here, it seemed like it should’ve been him.. but. That wasn’t up to her.

The ghost nodded a little at his thanks. ”We would never let a kid die,” she spoke softly, certain that the rest of the pack shared the sentiment.

Cole felt some relief too, as the man stated that the information she’d provided was all he had been here for. Not vengeance, or to beg for another chance. I suppose I’ll be off then.

Another little nod. ”That’s probably for the best,” Colette spoke in agreement, though there wasn’t any force behind the words.

”For what it’s worth.. you going after her, I respect that.” She didn’t know, and didn’t need to know any more about his situation. The simple fact that he’d apparently left to try to find his affair partner though was beyond what most males who slept around did. And a small part of Cole envied him, just a little. Who knew, she might’ve made the same choice in such a situation.

A lifetime of solitude had made her desparate to feel wanted again, even if only one more time.

RE: Winter Blues - Luca - Jan 10, 2024

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A weak smile spread across his face, a soft nod copying her own. Of course, they wouldn't. Paradise Falls was not a pack of monsters, they were good wolves. Good wolves he'd done wrong. For a moment he wished they'd accepted his groveling and taken him back home to remain lowest. He didn't belong anywhere. Not back in the Arctic, not at the Meadow, and not here. It was a hollowed-out sadness. One that came like a cloak to engulf the body in a heavyweight. Luca sighed out loud, knowing he'd brought himself to this point from the consequences of his actions.

The male quietly turned to make his leave as the words parted her lips. His tail drooped between his legs, and any happiness seemed to fade away. The expression that washed over him now was stoic, almost unreadable if not for the hint of sorrow. His ear twitched at her last remark. He hadn't a word to say back. It didn't change anything, nor did it mean much to the male, not when the wolf he'd searched for seemed to not want to be found. Not by him at least. Perhaps, with her other partner? The one he'd smelt intertwined with her scent. His lip curled at the thought, but he kept on walking. Paws led him further from the border where his muscles could fully relax. Where he no longer needed to be on guard.