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White Fir Notch Pack Thread — White Fir Notch 
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Nauja Mizuno

Most days she'd kept herself busy making sure she was doing her part to keep the pack running smoothly. As spring slipped into summer Nauja was starting to feel more at home with her new pack. She tried to spend as much time with the pups as she could and she still worried about Ishtar. After the fiasco of Grizzly hollow and finally accepting that she would probably never find the sea it was important that she make the notch work. More than anything she wanted a place to call home and now that she had found a pack that she felt welcomed the Seawolf that she might have found what she'd been looking for.

There was always a lot to do and Nauja did what she could usually working through the day. She felt it was high time she took a little time to herself. After visiting the cache and finding herself a nice plump rabbit she went back to the communal den where she stretched out just outside the entrance to enjoy the self imposed day off. It wasn't often she made the decision to lounge about but she felt she deserved it after working so hard every other day.

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Ambrosia Hellebore
Ambrosia wondered when the winter wouldcome to an end. The cold weather always seemed almost never ending when it came around, and winter was a dreary season, at least to him. He wasn't sure why he considered it to be so dreary. Maybe it was because everything was so cold and everything just looked the same once the snow settled.

Shrugging his shoulders as he settled down by the den, Ambrosia placed the rabbit he had dug up from a cache between his paws, intending to eat it before going on a early morning patrol. Winter would end soon enough and hopefully thing would be more interesting in spring .