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Hawthorne's fight stats seem to be acting up (I take it it might have something to do with the health having nothing there? Although it's at 90 on her profile).

[Image: 22b1496e32a78c4edccd2eec750147de.png]

Right now there’s a bug that when people edit their profile it wiped the value that’s in the health bar. Like it looks like it’s there but when I went to your profile and edited it it was gone lol. We’ve attempted to fix this but it’s a bit trickier. Since Shadows away for a bit right now I would recommend that people let us know when they edit their profiles/intend to fight so we can fix it.

Also since you’re a mod if you go to the “edit profile” option on any profile you’ll be able to put the value in there.
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Sachiel & Hawthorne are usually never far from each other
meaning he could pop into any thread with her at any given time!